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Controversy / Morality


War On The World 2004-04-30
In Light Of The Massive screw-Ups The USA has encountered, I'd Like To I Know If The Public Is We...
The TRUTH 2004-04-30
Who believes in the things that are out therre.
World Hunger 2005-04-26
Sophomore project
homelessness 2005-05-09
questions related to homelessness
police officer 2005-08-17
This is a poll.To see if the public .Think we hold officer accountable
Water Pollution 2006-05-01
This poll is for my sophmore project. I need atleast 100 people take this poll so once you take i...
No day but today or well maybe we should do this tomorow 2007-04-21
What's your way of thinking? -live in the moment -do everything for the future i would ...
Ono Doomsday 2007-08-04
As you've already noticed, Ono is dead. Or is it ?
sheds and complaints 2007-12-06
help me by answering these questions (i need answers) thanks :)
Les Disposables 2008-09-01 (closed)
Is Disposable Responsible?
abortion 2009-05-28 (closed)
Who should regulate the practice of natural (alternative) medicine 2009-07-25 (closed)
"Natural" implies - Mother Earths resources! Who owns Mother Earths resources? Who has...
pollution cause by factories 2011-04-16 (closed)
this poll will be about if people think that if the factories are the ones that contaminate more,...
do you think those w/ a mental illness should have the same rights as those w/o 2011-05-05 (closed)
do you think those who have a mental illness should have the same rights and respect as those who...
Gun Control and Schools 2011-10-11 (closed)
Gun Control and Schools
Gun Control and Schools 2 2011-10-11 (closed)
Gun Control and Schools 2
Cloning Ethics 2001-11-14
Scientists have stated that cloning could be used to benefit mankind. Such claims of this are th...
do you have powers 2002-04-01
people who have powers
Cloning - A New Frontier or Science Gone Too Far? 2002-04-09
This is about human cloning, and "designer babies" - where parents can pick and choose ...
CARS 2003-03-27
Best car
drivers license 2003-09-23
Should everyone be givin the chance to at least take the test to get a drivers license?
Help me out wid some hwk for skool plz on Water POllution! 2004-04-07
This poll is about water pollution becasue i need to have these polls answered in order to get cr...
Deforestation 2004-05-03
Hey everyone. This is a poll that I am doing for my project for school. So I appreciate it if y...
addiction 2004-05-24
hi im cody im a high school student and i have some questions about u and what u think about addi...
Iraq 2004-07-08
Have you changed your mind about the US involvement in Iraq?