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Controversy / Morality


Sunbathing/Tanlines 2008-11-16 (closed)
I'm curious about trends about tanning, sunbathing
Home buying? 2009-01-13 (closed)
Ali has found a wonderful home to buy for a great price (I assume). One catch, this house was onc...
Person you dumped hit a record breaking Jackpot. 2009-01-15 (closed)
A person you once dumped or turned down is now the winner of a record breaking lottery jackpot.
Air Pollution and How it Affects our Surroundings 2009-01-21 (closed)
This poll is for a school project in year 10. I am investigating about air pollution and how it a...
Drugs in America 2009-04-13 (closed)
Variouys questions about drugs...
Someone Close to you taking your job 2010-04-09
Question about someone close taking your job.
Stem Cells 2010-06-01 (closed)
Stem Cells
Which parent should work? 2010-10-16 (closed)
Here is the basic story. We have a toddler and an infant We both go to school full-time. One of u...
Should Jon have birthday sex with Petey The Penguin? 2012-03-19
Well should he?
Stanford Mascot 2013-03-06
Stanford Mascot
Democracy. Should a leader do what the public want? 2017-02-01
American Democracy? As the most democratic nation on Earth Americans firmly believe that THEIR le...
At what age did you have your first enjoiable sexual contact? 2017-04-06 (closed)
Not all sexual experiences are bad when we were younger. Think back on that and you'll answer hon...
Segregation Vs. Integration 2002-02-11
For a school project I am researching segregation vs. integraion and to extend my research have s...
Cloning 2002-02-12
I need a little info for a school project on cloning, can you help me out?
Patriots or Zealots? 2002-03-11
Is the rapid growth in US jingoism healthy? Are the people practicing it patriots, or dead-head z...
Easter: Does it suck? 2002-04-01
How is/was your holiday?
Are Sportspeople Obliged to be Role Models? 2002-04-15
do famous sportspeople have to be Role models for us all?? that means they have to do everythi...
Cloning 2002-05-23
I'm doing this poll for a school report and I'd like to thank anyone who takes it.
World Trade Center Site 2002-06-20
Do you think that they should build on the site of the World Trade Center?
The Black Community 2002-12-03
This poll is targeting the black community. The following are just a few questins on social issue...
To take or not to take? 2003-05-28
I have a question for you: When someone gives you something, they can't take it back, right?
Humanity's History 2003-06-10
How old do you think civilization is? Tell us more...
Straight from the headlines 2003-09-14
Some of the most Controversial questions.
Passion Of The Christ 2004-03-23
How has it affected you? Looking for thoughts from those who were non-Christians at the time of ...
How do you feel about gangs? 2004-04-18
Hey everyone, this is a poll for my sophmore project, thanks for taking it :).