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Controversy / Morality


Kidnap Me 2016-05-14
How would you kidnap me, and what would you do to me after I was your captive?
i am studying psichology at university an this test help me to learn how uman brain works, thank ...
Pants on fire 2001-12-19
Everyone hates a liar, right? We teach our children not to lie. Some of us have even had our mo...
Stem cell Research 2001-12-31
Stem cell research has recently become a major moral issue, pro-life vs. possible scientific g...
WTCisback.com Quick Poll 2002-01-14
Do you want the World Trade Center to be rebuilt?
School Violence 2002-02-12
Whether or not school violence affects teens today.
Stupid people MAKE stupid Pit Bulls 2002-11-14
What people think about Pit Bull fighting and their owners!
Handicapped Parking 2003-01-02
How does the general public feel about Handicapped Parking Spaces?
Discrimination in Job Searching 2003-02-09
I would like to know from employers if you have ever hesitated to interview an individual if thei...
Confidence in The System (USA only) 2004-03-23
How confident are you that things will work the way they ought to, or the way they tell you they ...
Disney Management 2004-06-11
This poll is on how you think of the management of the Walt Disney Company and its head executive...
The Impact of Gender on Negotiations 2004-11-21
Hello Everyone! Thank you for taking the time to visit this website and take my poll. The...
Polling You on Tolerance 2005-01-13
There is two parts to this question. 1) How did we allow such an horrible imhumane act happen(the...
Views On Poverty 2005-03-14
Hi I'm Kyle and I am researching poverty and its place in society. Hopefully through this poll I ...
Instant Mashed Potatoes? 2005-03-29
Hi, I'm doing a project for school... on instant mashed potatoes. Please vote for the choice you ...
What would you buy with your last 100$ 2005-04-29
There is one thing besides freedom that we as Americans take advantage of money. But what would y...
Cloning? 2005-05-10
What's your view on cloning?
Psychologists' facts on RACISM in relation to your views. 2005-10-13
Before voting, PLEASE visit this link and carefully read! Thanks! http://www.uc.edu/psc/sh/SH...
Povertyyy 2006-02-26
take this poll or go shoot yourself. thanks!!!
Maximizing moolah 2006-04-29
When is the right time to devote yourself to moneymaking?
What Will Happen On 6/6/06? 2006-04-29
June 6th, 2006, or 6/6/06, is coming up soon. For those who don't know, it is said that on the 6t...
Don Imus 2007-04-24
This is a poll in the aftermath of the Imus situation.
Black People: For Entertainment Purposes. Novel by W. Ivan W 2007-07-24
This poll is related to the book, Black People: For Entertainment Purposes Only by W. Ivan Wright...
Should the naive get a re-trial 2007-09-15
Should people with a conviction have a re-trial if there was evidence withheld and a witness lied.
How are You Viewed as a Smoker? 2008-04-21
How do people view you as a smoker? With all the smoking bans enacted/or in the works do you feel...