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Controversy / Morality


Children services 2002-07-16
hello i am doing a poll on children services.
My Black Community 2002-12-03
This poll is for the Black community only to ascertain their views on homosexuality. This poll i...
Genetics Awearness Poll 2003-06-25
Genetics are the start of a persons life and effect them their hole life.
Mp3 Poll 2003-11-04
This poll is about MP3's and the piracy of digital media!
Forced sterilization of women with HIV 2004-03-08
Should women with HIV be sterilized?
Pollution...The Deadly Killer? 2004-04-13
Hmm...well its a poll about pollution. Gotta get about 100 results so please take it and give it...
Truth About Cloning 2004-06-04
This poll is asking how many people would still be for cloning if they new the TRUE process behin...
Cellular Phones Kill 2004-10-26
This poll is intended to obtain the public's view on the use of cellular phones by vehicle driver...
immigration rules 2005-01-13
What rules should be in place for people who want to immigrate to the United States?
Deforestation: A World Problem 2005-03-02
Deforestation is a serious world problem today, how do you feel about it?
Scruples 2005-12-26
Let's see what all of you are made of. :)
Is it Important? Overpopulation 2006-04-13
What do you think
illiteracy 2006-05-15
please fill this out for my soph. project.
Environmental Disasters 2006-05-26
environmental disasters for my sophomore project
Shock comedy 2006-08-10
I've never seen some of these myself so my selection is idiosyncratic, but I'm interested how fun...
Checking in India 2006-12-12
To check that how many people all over have never spoke lie in their life time
Flower Card 2007-04-09
Do you feel a hand written card attached to a delivery of flowers is more personal then one that ...
Male reporting of female violence 2008-10-17
This poll is for MALE victims of domestic violence by females, asking for their experiences in de...
Personal Protection Item Poll #2 2010-02-15 (closed)
This survey is intended to determine what area's of personal protection the community is seeking.
current issues 2010-09-29 (closed)
we gonna need your opinion about this issue
Euthanasia in Australia 2011-08-13
Euthanasia in Australia
Should GM wheat be released for public consumption in Australia? 2011-08-19
Should GM wheat be released for public consumption in Australia? There are numerous pros and con...
Should I tell my Mom I'm an AB/DL? 2014-03-24 (closed)
I have wanted to wear diapers since awhile and was wondering if I should tell my mother I am an ...
Do you gamble? 2014-06-09
I am authoring a book to help resolve gambling addiction and would very much like to hear your st...
what do you think about this punishment?(women only) 2015-03-23
My girlfriend thinks I talk too much so when we are sitting alone together she clamps her hand ov...