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Controversy / Morality


rape 2006-03-30
what do you think about rape?
What should the age of Consent be? 2005-09-28
Theirs been a lot of debate over the last few years about protecting CHILDREN from online predato...
Are unclothed children more likely to touch themselves 2010-01-14
Some families are less conservative when clothing children. Depending on culture, climate or some...
Blackmailing 2001-09-22
Most people have been blackmailed at some point in their life, tell others about your experience.
subway grinding 2008-05-16
FOR WOMEN ONLY: Almost every female city dweller who's commuted by subway has at some point had t...
nudity oppinions 2009-11-04
nudity oppinions
How Do You Spank Your Kids? 2014-02-07
How Do You Spank Your Kids?
How to treat retards 2010-07-04
How do you think retards should be treated?
Punishment for msturbation 2014-01-06
Even after warnings, his promises, boy(14) continue with masturbation. He must to be punished. Yo...
What Should Women And Girls Wear? 2005-04-24
This poll is for what you think is proper for girls to wear. The Eastern World critisizes the We...
naked in mixed company 2003-08-02
I was forced to strip for a group of peopel. I am male and I was more humiliated by the guys than...
SKIRTS FOR MEN (straight men and women only please) 2006-05-08
For the past 5 thousand years on this planet men has been in the skirt. In fact the consept of p...
Spanking Teen 2011-06-08
I am wondering how many other teens are still spanked and how hard it is
Should George Bush spank his daughters? 2001-07-19
Should George Bush spank his daughters, Jenna and Barbara Bush, after their most recent tun-in wi...
I am distgusted by women who breastfeed in public, in church, in grocery store, and in any place ...
Girls Bathing With Relatives 2012-07-23
This poll was inspired by a recent letter to "Dear Abby." A six year old girl took a b...
12-year-old sex: Who's to blame? 2004-09-08
<p><font size=5>A few months ago, a judge freed an 18-year-old boy charged with havin...
teen pregnancy 2006-09-19
hello im 15 years old and i have a 2 yr old kid Leo. ive only had sex once at 13 and that is when...
Is Cussing in Public Socially Acceptable? 2011-01-10
This is a poll to determine if cussing in public is socially acceptable.
Bra/Top freedom for women 2003-05-07
this is a public opinion poll for men or women about bras and bikini tops on women
Seat belt choice 2009-09-22
To find out more about people's habits and preferences regarding seat belt usage.
from which and to what age should children be spanked? 2011-06-04
in your opinion, at what age you should start to spank children, and until what age?
Lowering the drinking age 2005-09-23
42 countries have the drinking age at 18. 22 countries have the drinking age even lower. The U.S....
Punishment of children 2001-09-15
please take this poll and teel me how you were punished and what you would do to your children.
Would you date your cousin? 2001-09-25
What are your beliefs on cousin relationships?