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Controversy / Morality


Should kids be spanked at 13? 2009-10-17
I'm 13 and I think I'm to old to be smacked Until yesterday I hadn't been smacked since I was ...
Do you cry when spanked 2009-01-21 (closed)
How old are children and teens when they stop crying from a spanking?
Your views on self spanking 2009-08-03
I was just wondering what you thought of the art of spanking ;)
Curfew and home late punishments for girls over 18 2002-09-20
When I was born, in 1965, almost all the girls over 18 had a curfew. When I was 25, in 1990, I ...
Corporal Punishment in Christain Schools 2009-11-04
This poll is asks about the use of corporal punishment in Christian Schools. Please respond to th...
Voluntary Slavery 2003-04-11
We want to see how the general population feels about voluntary enslavement.
Relationship with your teacher. 2005-12-31
This poll is about relationships with teachers that go beyond the conventional dynamics of teache...
Are Parents Too Afraid To Spank? 2008-07-22
Not too long ago parents were not afraid to spank their kids. Now they think twice because some...
Why do some guys hang around the locker room naked? 2010-04-04
Some guys think that all guys should cover themselves as much as possible in the locker room and ...
Fathers encouraging their daughters to dress revealingly 2014-08-05
A poll for fathers who encourage their daughters to wear revealing cloths
Nudist Youth Camps 2004-08-20
Here's some background info: White Tail Park, a nudist/naturist resort in Virginia, had plans fo...
Chastised: Child rights vs Parents 2012-08-23
<p>The idea of keeping children pure by limiting their sexuality is nothing new. In fact f...
Parents and Spanking 2004-01-07
I need to get the opinions of adults and the form of discipline used or will be used in the home.
Rules for Wife 2005-08-28
I have some basic rules that my wife has to follow. They are designed to remind her of my leaders...
Nudity--What My Parents Taught 2004-11-27
This poll is about what your parents taught you about being nude around others. Exclude babies a...
Belt Spankins 2012-08-28
This a Poll about Being Smacked/Spanked with a Belt. I have a Poll for the Cane as well For this...
Kids who are spanked for everything except punishment. 2014-07-14
This is another follow up poll aimed at kids. I want a kids point of view. Assume your parents di...
I am now to be spanked by my parents 2010-10-16 (closed)
alright so i am 14 and recently my parents have decided to spank me for everything basically mayb...
Fantasy spankings Spankers perspective. 2014-03-03
This is a spanking poll with you as the spanker. It has no bearing on anything you actually do in...
Best looking black Men 2005-11-15
Who are the best looking black men
The Male Body for Straight Men 2011-05-17
In the past the human body was considered beautiful. Just look at the statue of David. Now a days...
Nude swimming at indoor swimming pools for American men only 2008-12-19
I would like to know if you think indoor swimming pools should be clothing optional.
Christian boys and masturbation 2009-07-15
This poll is for Christian Teens to ask about their opinions of the "BIG M" word.
Maintenance spankings 2011-07-09
Maintenance spankings
Suitable Punishments For Rape 2009-10-11
Rape is a vile and brutal crime. While both genders can, and are victims of rape, it is generally...