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Controversy / Morality


Pornography: Where do you stand? 2002-04-19
This is a poll to see what people think about pornography.. Please answer honestly!
Gun Restrictions 2007-11-13
Gun Restrictions
marriage age? 2008-07-17
is there really a age that you can get married at? what are your thoughts on a age that you think...
Worst 60's/70's tragedy 2009-06-14
In your opinion, what is the worst tragedy of the 1960's and 70's?
Self Disciplin 2009-08-03
13 year old girl needs disciplin?
Do you support gay marriage? 2011-11-09
Do you support gay marriage?
Are you in favor of gun restriction laws?? 2016-08-18
<img src=https://s4.postimg.org/ha22xt3tp/gdr_vs_gunlaws.jpg/>
Voyeurism unaware 2003-07-08
Have you ever seen something of a woman that you were not intended to see?
Prisoner's Rights 2004-05-22
Just wanted to know the variety of different opinions on rights of prisoners.
Are Women a lesser form of Men? 2005-01-21
Inquiry of whether people believe that women are generally inferior to men.
If you could end the life of one person, uncharged 2009-09-26
If you could end the life of one person you didn't like, without risk of being charged with a cri...
Why do gyms require men to wear a shirt? 2010-04-04
What is your perception of why many gyms require men to wear shirts when working out.
Married women: Would you barter sex for goods and services? 2015-12-02
Sex bartering has been around for thousands of years. What are your limits?
Homosexuality: Your Opinion 1999-10-18
What is your opinion on homosexuality?
Rape sheild laws 2005-07-11
This is a poll about rape sheild laws
Gay Rights 2008-05-16
This is for a class of mine, I need the public's honest opinions.
face shave or leg shave? 2009-11-15
What's grosser, unshaven legs (women) or unshaven faces (men)?
Attitudes toward equal nudity in media? 2015-12-07
gaining an understanding of peoples attitudes towards equal portrayal nude bodies of men and wome...
Porn 2002-10-23
Should it be wrong for kids have to wait to see pornography? When they will just see it sooner or...
Marijuana 2010-11-07
Doing a term paper, just trying to figure out some demographics.
Do you think it is going overboard to take obese children from their parents? 2011-07-21
Do you think it is going overboard to take obese children from their parents?
Affirmative Action 2011-11-09
Affirmative Action
Touchy Subjects 2012-06-25
A bunch of random questions about controversial subjects!
Telling others 2013-03-25
If you found out....
Spanking poll for adults 2015-03-23
Looking for how you would like to be spanked.