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Controversy / Morality


Bisexuality and Biphobia 2003-09-19
This is a poll intended for everyone who is NOT bisexual. I'm trying to determine the public's pe...
fear of sharp objects 2008-05-12
I want to know how common it is to fear sharp objects. Now please answer what you COULD DO if you...
China gymnastic team 2008-08-19 (closed)
Do you think the members of the Chinese olympic gymnastic team are of age?
Sexuality's Role in our Cultures and Lives 2009-08-03
This pole is designed to determine people's attitudes and feelings on sexuality - it's role in ou...
Is the Moral choice always the right choice? 2015-08-13
Morality dictates the way we should act, but are there times when the Immoral act is the right th...
Breast implants 2006-01-25
Breast augmentation/"Boob Jobs"
$1,000,000 2002-12-11
What would you do for $1,000,000us ?
Future of America 2004-09-15
The purpose of this poll is to what changes people would like to see in the future. Please be hon...
Gun Control in practice.... 2006-02-15
Having traveled extensively in both the USA and Brazil, I would like to see what people think abo...
Death Penalty 2006-07-24
This is to determine the deterrence value of the penalty.
The Sexual Dangers of Spanking Children 2002-06-03
For years I have had an interest in the links between childhood discipline experiences and the de...
One night stand 2004-09-28
View on and attitude to one night stand..moral implications.
Cannibalism or Starvation 2005-10-05
Have you ever stopped to think what would happen if you survived a plane crash...only to be stran...
Is Racism Bad? 2007-05-01
See what you think about other races and Racism.
What guys want? 2009-02-02
A guy wants to take a girl he only knew for 3 weeks on a holiday for a month, his intensions are:
Homosexuality: Nature or Nurture 2009-11-07 (closed)
This survey is one-hundred percent confidential and will be only used for personal study. It will...
Swearing 2011-12-29
To some people, swearing is a sign of weakness. To others, it's a part of everyday life. How do y...
Perceptions of the paranormal (Westbourne IB Programme) 2012-07-02
On Friday 6th July, Westbourne School (IB World school, Wales, UK) is having its annual Theory of...
Cleaning woman 2015-12-16
Women and girls cleaning
What should be done about spanking polls? 2001-11-10
There seems to be a vast and unending supply of spanking polls here. Should something be done ab...
Sexually Harassed 2004-11-22
Have you been sexually harassed at work?
Blackninja133 Poll#88: If you could CHOOSE how you died, how would you die? 2008-05-12
We all have to die at some point in our lives, usually at the end of our life. But I'm interested...
Punishments 2010-03-11
In this poll, you will be given a list of scenarios of people breaking rules and receiving punish...
Issues and stuff : I want to hear from Teens 2000-10-21
I'm a teenager. I think. If your a teenager Tell me how you think.