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Controversy / Morality


Smoking: Are people going too far? 2007-02-22
Why are people so against smoking? What is their deal? It's that person's choice to smoke. I can ...
Judicial spanking poll for theft 2008-07-01 (closed)
This is a theoretical poll to consider an appropriate and correct approach as to the suitability ...
Legalize Marijuana? 2008-07-24
Legalize Marijuana?
if you were eaten alive 2010-12-24 (closed)
Me and my buddy was watching a documentary the other night about tribal cannibals... One group of...
Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention 2012-02-09
Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention
Naturism 2014-05-19
Have you tried naturism or wondered what people really think about it?
Evidence in harassment cases 2015-09-14
The increasing number of cases where men sexually harass women reqire new laws and much harsher p...
Balloon Vandalism 2005-06-17
I'm a professional balloon decorator and I have heard from customers that their outdoor balloons ...
Publics view on Designer babies 2010-12-01
For assignment
Hot model neighbor naked (other girls only) 2012-02-01
Me and my 2 sisters can see our hot neighbor naked every day. Apparently he does some modeling as...
Dangerous Prank 2013-01-02
<p>For the last year, 7-year-old Emma's mother has been sending her to self-defense lessons...
2004 Girls Swimsuit Poll 2004-04-06
Its almost summertime, so tell us what you will be wearing this summer!
Select my punishment for being a piggy 2016-09-22
I'm a man and I must be punished for not cleaning anything at home for 2 weeks and also threw gar...
Parents- what is OK at a group for children? 2003-10-03
I am a leader at a group for 6-9 year old children. I moved from one district to another when I w...
CHOOSE ONE! 2004-10-11
7 choices... choose one
School Violence 2005-03-29
questions about school violence.
Washing your hands 2008-12-07
Lets talk about hand washing habits!
spanking girls 2012-04-02
more spanks
Survey on abortion 2012-04-23 (closed)
Hey, I'm making this poll because I have an assessment for a Citizenship/R.E project due in. I re...
Polygamy Poll 1 2006-10-28
Polygamy (polygyny) is the practice of having multiple wives. Please provide your opinion on thi...
sex offender 2007-07-23
info on sex offender
Die Now or Live Forever? 2008-09-04
Die Now or Live Forever?
Beliefs and Morals 2009-07-07
I will ask you your postion on a number of issues.
the death penalty 2011-10-03
there are a lot of polls about this but few go into detail
Piercing ,Tattoos, And Society 2003-02-20
Hey Folks, Most of you are here because you are in Dr. Parsons Sociology Of SP Class, but even i...