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Controversy / Morality


What are you allowed to do? 2010-09-27
What are you allowed to do?
Judicial Punishments 2021-10-19
What punishments should be given out by the justice system and when?
Views on Abortion 2009-05-01
Views on Abortion
Age of Consent (girls) 2004-01-16
Self explanatory.
War 2007-08-04
what is good/bad about war
Forcing your opinions on others 2007-12-09
There is a difference in having an opinion and believing that EVERYONE should have the same opini...
2012 2008-12-15 (closed)
Would you shoot an enemy if he surrenders? 2011-06-08
You are in a battle. The enemy is shooting back at you. After a few minutes, he pops out and puts...
Are you a racist? 2004-02-27
A test for people of any race, to see how we are in race relations in the USA
~~~ -- What happens to miscarried and aborted babies? -- ~~~ 2005-06-13
We all know that miscarried and aborted babies never get the change to accept Christ as their Lor...
Do you believe of global warming 2008-05-12 (closed)
Gloabl Warming
To smoke or not to smoke 2002-08-22
How do you feel about smoking in public, sales taxes, second hand smoke, smoking industry in poli...
Your opinion on Adolf Hitler 2003-12-12
Just want to see what people think!
DRUGS (come on, i know u wanna take this : ) 2004-04-19
hey people! thanks for taking this poll, its for a research project im doing on drug abuse. the ...
if u had to 2008-01-31
given a choice, which would you chose?
The Big Questions 2008-04-14
Please answer the questions as best you can. If none of the options for a particular question are...
Racism against whites? 2010-09-14
Has anyone noticed that in countries like Britain and America, there seems to be a lot of racial ...
Are you meant to be a heavy smoker? 2011-02-26
Are you meant to be a heavy smoker?
Obesity in North America 2011-08-06
Birching of male offenders (POLL FOR WOMEN) 2004-04-07
<BR>This poll is concerned with women's views on the use of birching as punishment for male...
what is ethical or legal 2008-02-08
a questionaire of what people think it is legal and ethical for parents and doctors to do
Are beauty pagents good or bad for little girls? 2009-08-01
Are beauty contests good/bad for little girls? Shows such as 'Toddlers & Tiaras' and 'Little ...
Abortion and Ethics 2009-08-31
Abortion and Ethics
what do you think of feminism? 2011-09-22
what do you think of feminism?
Do Black People Tell Racial Jokes? 2005-12-19
The title should explain it all. Obviously, only black people should answer this poll.