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Controversy / Morality


Circumcision and the frenulum 2014-08-18
The frenulum is a narrow band of skin on the underside of the penis, connecting the glans to the ...
The Smoker's Poll 2003-11-19
This poll is primarily for those who smoke cigarettes.
(MALES ONLY) Would you lay down your life for a woman? 2006-09-05
About a century ago, when a ship was going down, women and children had first priority on the lif...
Reporting of sex crimes in the media 2007-10-09
Do you think the media blow up interest in sex crimes involving children? Do the newspapers print...
Your local police-bullies or heroes? 2008-12-14 (closed)
I am wondering how people view their local law enforcement. Are the police doing a great service ...
What is conservative, and what is liberal? 2011-08-06
What views are truly "conservative" or "liberal"?
SIBLINGS 2002-01-24
This is to servey people on the subject of sibling conflict and how common it is.
MUGS 2004-09-10
There is a slowly growing movement for men to wear MUGS. A MUG is a "male Un-Bifurcated Garm...
Plz Take a Look - Do you litter? 2006-03-15
Personal habits -- what do you do with your trash?
NORTH KOREA 2009-06-12 (closed)
Should the US destroy North Korea?
Airport Security and Kids3 2010-03-16
As a sequel to Airport Security and Kids (http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/356908), Airport Securi...
Abortion (18 years or older please) 2011-04-29
Your opinions on the abortion debate
Do you agree with the boy scouts' ban on gays? 2002-12-16
Yes or No
is modesty dead? 2005-03-01
it has been stated in several polls on this site that veiling of women isn't a muslim commandment...
Dirty Words 2005-11-03
My wife and I debate the use of the word "nuts" to name my testicles. I think it is jus...
Ethics-Long, Interesting Poll 2008-04-04
Common questions of ethicality, some easy, some hard. This is a serious poll so please answer tr...
On the Death Penalty 2008-06-04
Various questions on the subject of the death penalty
Suicide 2008-06-11
I am doing a project for school and need to survey peeps.
Homosexuality: Inborn Trait or Learned Trait? 2001-11-13
I'm writing a sociological research paper on whether homosexuality comes to be from factors outsi...
Gay : Right or Wrong? 2003-09-30
I want to know people's views on homosexuality.
Gay marriage 2007-10-27
This is based on oppinion or your belief not other peoples. This is a research for a project I'm ...
should kids be taught about gays in school 2002-03-19
this poll is to see if people are ok that schools teach about gays & gay rights
Prison rape 2014-04-21
This is a issue not often talked about
What are you allowed to do? 2010-09-27
What are you allowed to do?
Views on Abortion 2009-05-01
Views on Abortion