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Controversy / Morality


Nudity on Network Television 2004-02-11
This is to see how people feel about nudity on regular, free network television in the U.S.
Body Modification 2009-05-14
A poll for government class. Take it and I'll be eternally grateful.
How do you feel about the Nazis? 2010-06-16
How do you feel about the Nazis?
Groin strike! Excess force? 2012-09-07
<p>Most people would agree that in a life or death situation its acceptable to use force ag...
Females only: Should locker rooms be unisex? 2015-11-29
Females only: Should locker rooms be unisex?
pornography on the internet 2003-03-18
There is a lot of talk about preventing access to children on the internet. But does this mean th...
Nudity or Violence? 2006-02-20
You tell me which you think is worse for a child to see.
obesity 2010-11-09
if you care about obesity take this poll
grounded 2002-04-01
if you`re not quite sure, being grounded is a punishment for kids and teens where they are restri...
Girls--What would You do? 2006-03-02
Please, girls under 17 only. What would you be inclined to do if you were faced with these kinds...
Wives with Bed Times 2010-10-16
I have to be a bed before 10PM every night though I sometimes get permission to stay up later for...
Tied of men wanting to wear womens cloths 2004-01-10
Every time you com to Mr. Poll there are these poll wanting know why should or something about we...
Which capital punishment method would you choose? 2005-09-19
If you were to be put to death under capital punishment, what method would you choose?
Sex in schools 2007-02-05
The distribution of contraception in schools has always been a controversy.
Your Wife Returns from Deployment Overseas Pregnant 2010-06-15
Your Wife Returns from Deployment Overseas Pregnant
Live in prison or death ? 2011-02-17
Assume you have be convicted of a crime and are given two choices: 1) Life imprisonment with a...
Repopulating the earth. 2014-04-14
This is an early follow up to my "When would you teach your kids about sex poll?" Many ...
Did you have a bedtime as a teenager 2010-10-16
In the house I grew up in all the girls including Mom had a bed time. We had to go bed the same t...
If spanking were illegal, would you still spank your children? 2013-04-22
This poll is for parents and future parents. Now and then, there is debate about whether or not s...
Self defense or abuse? 2014-11-24
<p>14-year-old Michael lives with his mother and his 9-year-old sister Abigail. Last year ...
Sex Offender Poll 2004-11-22
The current sex offender laws cover a broad range of people. Did you know the majority of sex off...
8 year old girl beats 10 year old boy with Krav Maga! 2012-04-23
I heard the cry from upstairs, as I ran down to see what the crying was about I saw my 10 year ol...
German Cut 2012-07-20
<p>In 2012 the German court ruled that circumcision of boys done for non-medically essentia...
Girls Or Boys? 2013-03-25
How should the world be?
Youngest person you had sex with 2014-06-30 (closed)
What was the age and who was the youngest person you ever had sex with.