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Controversy / Morality


To what extent does your occupation effect your views of environmental issues? 2010-05-02
For my extended essay, for graduation, I am writing a paper about how your occupation effects you...
Do you agree with the legal age of criminal responsibility being at age 10? 2011-10-11
In England at the age of 10, children can be prosecuted for the criminal offences they make. Do y...
Blackninja133 Poll#97: Smoking. 2008-05-16
Blackninja133 Poll#97: Smoking.
Made to Wear a Belt 2010-04-22
A couple of months ago my Dad told me he wants me to wear a belt all the time. He said it would s...
Males only: Should locker rooms be unisex? 2015-11-29
Males only: Should locker rooms be unisex?
Flatulation 2004-03-08
Share the joy of Farting
Lower the age limit for drinking,smoking etc. 2004-07-01
This is a poll of your opinions on if the government should lower the age for smoking,drinking etc.
Which Medieval Death Would Be The Worst? 2008-01-31
Throughout history we have come up with some pretty gruesome ways of dispatching with other human...
Gender and Shoes/Sandals 2008-10-09 (closed)
Part of a study to relate gender to footwear.
Are mobile phones blessing or curse? 2008-11-23 (closed)
Mobile phones are also known as lifesavers as they can help people in emergencies. If you get stu...
American Women and Topless Sunbathing 2011-12-29
Are you a woman living in the United States?
How open minded are you? 2004-10-18
We have been hearing alot lately about intolerance of others actions and beliefs...
Child Abuse 2007-12-06
How do you feel about the importance of child abuse
What would you do? 2007-12-10
Value of your life vs others
Would you kill a human? 2008-04-23
Would you kill a human?
Sunday school class rules 2009-04-12
I am going to start being a sunday school teacher for ages 2-4. This is a Christian / Baptist chu...
Gitmo 2009-11-10 (closed)
View on Guantanamo Bay Military base
You’re Standing on Ethics, Religion, and Science 2010-10-26 (closed)
This Survey is designed to see how religion and science shape your moral and political views.
Gun Control 2012-03-14
How many Patriots?
Survey about Feminism 2012-05-02
Survey about Feminism
At What Point Is A Person Classed As Pedeophile 2008-03-09 (closed)
What is acceptable to you, and when do you class someone as a pedophile
La circuncision del hombre - es buena para la mujer? 2011-12-26
Hoydia en EEUU y otros paises la circuncision de bebes se hace menos que antes. Que consecuencias...
Cloning Ethics 1998-12-29
Cloning is an issue that we have muddled over for years. Now, science is actually gathering some...
What Do You Consider Child Abuse? 2001-01-12
Child abuse is UNACCEPTABLE, but what actions do you believe are abusive?
What Should Be Legal/Illegal 2002-06-03
This is a poll to see what people think about some of the legal/illegal things in this country (t...