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Controversy / Morality


What is moral on the "Holodeck" 2009-03-28
The Holodeck was a feature on Star Trek, and was basically a limitless virtual reality environmen...
How do you feel about the Nazis? 2010-06-16
How do you feel about the Nazis?
The Problems With Feminism 2013-10-14
What the liberal media are doing to brainwash our young women.
Child Discipline Methods 2014-01-27
Seeking to find the popular opinion on modern child discipline and what people believe in and thi...
Lower the age limit for drinking,smoking etc. 2004-07-01
This is a poll of your opinions on if the government should lower the age for smoking,drinking etc.
Did you have a bedtime as a teenager 2010-10-16
In the house I grew up in all the girls including Mom had a bed time. We had to go bed the same t...
American Women and Topless Sunbathing 2011-12-29
Are you a woman living in the United States?
Body Modification 2009-05-14
A poll for government class. Take it and I'll be eternally grateful.
Youngest person you had sex with 2014-06-30 (closed)
What was the age and who was the youngest person you ever had sex with.
What is the best way to put women back in their place? 2005-08-31
Women have gotten increasingly out of control in the last few years. Look how much teen pregna...
Your local police-bullies or heroes? 2008-12-14 (closed)
I am wondering how people view their local law enforcement. Are the police doing a great service ...
Which Medieval Death Would Be The Worst? 2008-01-31
Throughout history we have come up with some pretty gruesome ways of dispatching with other human...
NORTH KOREA 2009-06-12
Should the US destroy North Korea?
Nudity or Violence? 2006-02-20
You tell me which you think is worse for a child to see.
Abortion (18 years or older please) 2011-04-29
Your opinions on the abortion debate
Ethics-Long, Interesting Poll 2008-04-04
Common questions of ethicality, some easy, some hard. This is a serious poll so please answer tr...
Would you hire a babysitter who smokes? 2012-02-13
If a babysitter is experienced, in her mid to late teens, good with kids, well recommended by a f...
(MALES ONLY) Would you lay down your life for a woman? 2006-09-05
About a century ago, when a ship was going down, women and children had first priority on the lif...
La circuncision del hombre - es buena para la mujer? 2011-12-26
Hoydia en EEUU y otros paises la circuncision de bebes se hace menos que antes. Que consecuencias...
Nudity on Network Television 2004-02-11
This is to see how people feel about nudity on regular, free network television in the U.S.
MUGS 2004-09-10
There is a slowly growing movement for men to wear MUGS. A MUG is a "male Un-Bifurcated Garm...
Suicide 2008-06-11
I am doing a project for school and need to survey peeps.
Live in prison or death ? 2011-02-17
Assume you have be convicted of a crime and are given two choices: 1) Life imprisonment with a...
Are you pro-life or pro choice (Abortion)? 2016-08-31
<img src=https://s22.postimg.org/5w45yje2p/Prolife_Prochoice1.jpg/>
What Do You Consider Child Abuse? 2001-01-12
Child abuse is UNACCEPTABLE, but what actions do you believe are abusive?