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Controversy / Morality


Telling kids what not to do 2010-11-07
I am a parent myself and I realise that telling kids what <U>not to do</U> without ex...
#BlackLivesMatter 2016-10-13
The #blacklivesmatter movement has sparked debate about whether it is a racist terrorist movement
Strait-jackets 2002-04-01
Who has worn them?
What is the best way to put women back in their place? 2005-08-31
Women have gotten increasingly out of control in the last few years. Look how much teen pregna...
how do you view religion 2011-05-10
Im just wondering about the perfect honesty. This is anonymous.
The Problems With Feminism 2013-10-14
What the liberal media are doing to brainwash our young women.
Male Circumcision 2014-02-25
A poll to determine people's attitudes towards routine male circumcision.
Juvenile Justice 2007-08-22
The purpose of this survey is to determine the public's opinion on juvenile sentencing.
Swearing 2010-02-21
what do you think about swearing
love where you live 2009-07-10
love where you live
Punished for Fighting or Not Fighting 2009-02-15
Punished for Fighting or Not Fighting
school paddling and gender bias 2001-09-22
was ther gender bias with the board of education at your schools? vote now.
New Improved Euthanasia poll 2002-11-14
Voluntary euthanasia is a subject that has been and continues to be very controversial, here's yo...
do you believe in evolution? 2006-03-24
do you believe in evolution?
your opinion on child abuse 2005-03-18
Thanks for taking your time to fill this out!
Would you rather eat a piece of human meat or have sex with a dolphin? 2015-05-04
Would you rather eat a piece of human meat or have sex with a dolphin? Just once. Be a cannibal...
Embarassing drunk things 2002-05-06
Most of us adults like drinking alcohol to relax and socialise, but sometimes we go too far...Hav...
What is moral on the "Holodeck" 2009-03-28
The Holodeck was a feature on Star Trek, and was basically a limitless virtual reality environmen...
Durgs legal or not 2000-05-10
do you think that durges like beer and tabacco should be legal
Are You Against Abortion? 2009-02-01
Are you against abortion?
Unbiased Abortion Poll 2003-11-12
It's a never-ending battle between the pro-choice and pro-life activists. How do you feel about t...
When will women rule? 2005-08-08
Women have surpassed men in education and some areas of the economy. This trend appears to be gai...
Should Prostitution be Legal? 2008-04-09
For the purpose of an English paper, I will poll as many people as possible and figure out whethe...
Girls, Why do you show boobs? 2013-09-03
Girls, Why do you show boobs?
Is cloneing Good or Bad 2003-12-21
Cast your vote, is the cloneing of things like animals and vegtables to much for you, or do you t...