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Controversy / Morality


American Morality Survey 2010-06-20
Radical homosexuals claim YOU support same-sex marriage, special job rights and promotion of homo...
Do you believe that most vegans are pussies? 2010-08-25
What is your perception of vegans or vegetarians. Is being a vegan the natural choice for a puss...
What is your view on hunting? 2012-10-26
This is basically an opinion poll. I want to know what people think about hunting, whether you're...
What should the legal sex age be? 2007-10-09
This is one of the hardest political and moral questions to talk to people about.
Pro-Life or Pro-Choice? 2008-10-09
This is a poll for Mrs. Hitchcock's first period US/VA government class. The poll was constructed...
Gun Control 2009-09-13
To find out the public's opinion on gun control policies.
equal nudity 2010-07-28 (closed)
i read a poll that said girls should always be dressed while boys should be nude no matter how em...
Ethics poll: What would you do if...? 2004-08-30
What would you do if you found $20 in the street? How about $100? One thousand dollars? Answer t...
-----------------DRUG SURVEY-------------Is weed that bad?? 2005-05-27
This survey is serving the purpose to see if all the "bad" things about weed are really...
Gender Identity Disorder in children 2007-09-24
Gender: Nature or nurture? Is gender created by society? Do we learn as children to conform to th...
do you support gay-lesbian rights? 2010-07-10
im not gay but i support it god wants people to be happy in life.
Prostitution 2008-03-30
Should prostitution be legal or illegal?
male disposablity 2010-04-20 (closed)
King David killed 200 males and cut off their foreskins to earn his bride. Some questions on this
Male Only Survey 2010-07-08
This is for males only, please.
Homosexuals 2001-11-09
This poll is about how we as str8s think of gays and lesbians
Bisexuality 2002-05-02
Do you think sexuality is a result of social pressure, or is bisexuality a possible norm?
Dating, Relationships, & Sex 2009-01-18
Poll to find out more about the general population - especially teenagers in regards to their opi...
Would you adopt a teenager? 2008-06-13
Lots of baby's and small children are adopted each year but many older children and teens who lon...
do you support gay rights? 2008-08-13
do you support gay rights?
Equality in Sexual Punishment 2009-05-01 (closed)
This is a poll to determine the level of sexual discrimination, inequality and the extent to whic...
Virtues of Sex 2009-11-10
Virtues of Sex
Parents views on dealing with teenage masturbation? 2010-07-12 (closed)
I would like to gauge how parents deal, or would deal, with masturbation in their teens and if an...
The Paranormal. 2012-03-02
I am doing a two page essay on the paranormal. I need your opinion. If you would just take a mome...
Anti-Nudist Laws 2005-04-07
With the "christian right wing" win in November to re-elect Bush, new anti-nudity laws ...
When does a male person become truly a man? 2008-08-05
Hi from England. This poll is about whether becoming truly a man is just an age thing, or whether...