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Controversy / Morality


Designer Babies Questionnaire 2003-05-23
Please answer the questions.
Child Slavery in Haiti 2009-02-04
Child Slavery in Haiti
Young women - Older men 2010-07-18
Superiority: Men vs Women 2012-08-23
Straight up Men vs Women poll. No extra questions.
Sluts / morality 2013-12-17
A poll about sluts and moral behavior
Abortion 2013-01-23
Should it be illegal/legal
Nudism and Sex 2009-08-03 (closed)
This is a poll basically directed to people who consider themselves nudists. While sex is not su...
Do you support gay marriage? 2010-02-23
This poll is for an English paper. I need to know yes or no if you support or if you feel indiffe...
Elementary School Girl Clothes 2001-08-16
There is currently a controversy between some parents and their young daughters about what they s...
Sexism towards men & women 2004-06-04
It's not okay to say sexist things about women, so why should sexist things towards men be tolera...
Prostitution 2006-02-12
Views on the oldest profession
Different Opinions Regarding Abortion 2007-11-27
Abortion is the termination of pregnancy and expulsion of an embryo or of a fetus; and/ or forced...
Child Discipline Methods 2014-01-27
Seeking to find the popular opinion on modern child discipline and what people believe in and thi...
Birching of male offenders (POLL FOR MEN) 2004-04-07
<BR>This poll is concerned with men's views on the use of birching as punishment for male o...
parents and children 2009-06-20
how should the rules be for children and parents?
WHY do you believe in Evolution? 2009-08-08
WHY do you believe in Evolution? Good Version.
Marijuana 2011-11-09
A short poll for a school project about your stance on the decriminalization of marijuana.
Kissin' cousins 2001-02-12
A short poll to find out how many have been romantically involved with first cousins and what peo...
Nylons as a Dress-code Requirement 2003-11-24
To indroduce myself briefly, I am a human resources manager at an art gallery. As part of the gal...
Battle of sexes 2005-04-07
I think that women are growing to be in control of society, that is what this poll is about.
The effectiveness of spanking as a punishment 2015-02-09
Throughout this poll spanking is taken to mean corporal punishment that is somewhat premeditated ...
Illegal Immigration 2009-12-11
This poll concerns illegal immigration in America, particularly on the Mexican border.
Assault or justice? 2014-06-23
<p>14-year-old Michael lives with his mother and his 9-year-old sister Abigail. Last year ...
Mental, Physical, Sexual Abuse Are you a Victim? 2001-10-09
Many people have been victimized by abuse, it could be handed down from generations. Can the cycl...
Guys crossing legs 2009-01-03
Boys often cross their legs (at the knees) in elementary school, during teens years most don't...