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Controversy / Morality


random touchy questions... do you agree or disagree? 2011-04-23
I am strongly interested in sociology... the way humans interact with one another, the way the me...
Does discrimination still exist? 2002-04-15
While discrimination based on race, gender, religion, and sexual preference is illegal, prejudice...
Attitudes towards pornography 2005-01-21
The purpose of this poll is to look at the attitudes of males, females, straights and gays toward...
Sleeping in underwear? 2006-04-14
many teens and adults sleep in underwear: Is it ethical? Is it biblical?
Photography in public...FEMALE OPINIONS ONLY! 2008-05-22
I do a lot of photography in natural settings. Usually there is nobody but me and the wildlife bu...
"Clothing Optional" 2004-10-11
IF clothing became optional anyplace at anytime , would you take your clothes off or leave them ...
Same-sex prom dates 2003-07-02
When I was in high school, I was asked to leave my senior prom by the principle because my date w...
Homosexuality 2008-06-02
Your views on it.
Judicial Execution 2006-10-07
What form of Judicial Execution do you prefer?
Important Issues in Society 2005-12-06
A question to see which issue is most important to you.
Alcohol 2008-03-01
Age appropriate boundaries 2016-12-06
Boundaries between parents and their kids, considering age and gender.
Is marijuana dangerous? 2004-03-09
This poll is for you to answer some questions about marijuana, and give you a chance to share you...
On Polygamy 2009-05-28
A poll asking people their opinions on polygamy.
This is just to see what some people's opinions are about pre-marital sex and having babies out o...
for girls and boys 2008-11-09
for girls and boys
Sexual inequality in Execution (historical) 2011-12-29
I have already made a poll concerning the sexual inequality in corporal punishment. This poll can...
How Old Is Old Enough 2004-11-11
For age based laws and other responsibilities--how old should a person be. Average ages will be ...
Child Maturity and Today's Society 2001-11-09
This is a series of questions dealing with what children should or should not be allowed to do at...
Are None spanking punishments more cruel to children? 2012-06-01
No child wants to be spanked, but then noone wants to be punished at all. Many children are not a...
Circumcision: Risk v. Benefits 2017-07-05
<p>Surgery is serious business. It's only done in cases where the benefits clearly outweig...
Sexual Orientation 2001-11-17
Are you straight, gay, lesbian , bi?
Extramarital Affairs 2002-08-05
This phenomenon in more prolific than society likes to admit. But in this anonymous forum, you c...
Which is better - men or women? 2007-09-04
A 2-second poll, to find out who thinks what
How old were you when you first wore a thong? 2008-12-31
My little sister thinks it's unfair that I get to wear thongs and she doesn't. I think it's kinda...