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Controversy / Morality


Fathers Helping Daughters in Changing Rooms 2 2015-07-10
From the responces to <a href="http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/594255">Girl's spo...
Sunbathing 2005-07-20
In Europe and on some American Beaches people sunbath topless or in the nude. How do you feel abo...
Same sex couples and adoption 2012-05-30
i was wondering how people felt about same sex couples adopting, it may not seem like a big deal ...
Did I do the right thing? 2008-05-03
When my daughters were young and I was a single dad, we got into nudism for a while. Because of m...
Did she cheat?? 2008-05-05
Cheating or not? I recently found out that my wife had been speaking to another man on her myspa...
Violent and Sexual Media 2007-07-20
Just want to see people's opinions.
After Birth Abortions 2016-02-13
It's been forty-three years since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in America. But some have sugge...
Nudism and the single female 2007-12-30 (closed)
For Singe/Divorced Women or Girls who are Interested In, or Practicing Nudism (Females Only Ple...
Prostitution ... What Makes It Bad? 2006-04-13
About the ethics and legality of prostitution
2012 apocolypse 2008-07-08
Do you think the world will end in 2012?
Do you want to be stronger, more athletic, more muscular (girls only) 2008-10-16
It's more socially acceptable now for girls to be physically strong, work out, develop muscles an...
New acceptance coming? 2013-03-11
Now that gay marriage is widely accepted, do you think pedophilia will be legalized as well?
How much do I want to live?? 2007-11-27
A poll asking people how much they know and care about global warming.
Mr Poll phasing out adult polls and message boards 2016-01-11
Posted by Mister Poll on 2015-12-28 07:32:42 Happy Holidays, Misterpollsters! We have finally...
Judicial Corporal Punishment 2017-04-21
Nowadays, most of the countries prohibits to use of corporal punishment as a form of judicial pun...
Gays-myth and reality. 2008-06-27 (closed)
As a gay person, I have been baffled at all of the myths and misinformation about us. Also, it se...
15 year old guy going out with 13 year old girl 2010-03-27
I am going out with a girl almost to years youger is that ok
death penalty 2009-12-24
are you in favor of the death penalty?
Anthropogenic Global Warming 2010-01-18
Anthropogenic Global Warming
Who are the worst role models for our kids? 2010-11-07
Who are the worst role models for our kids?
Chemical Castration 2004-10-04
Is chemical castration a just option for sex offenders?
Illegal Immigrants 2014-01-22
Illegal Immigrants
What do you think of Americans? (For Canadians) 2004-05-23
This poll is created to find out what Canadians think of their Southern neighbors.
Men's view on how women are portrayed in the media 2005-06-23
This poll is designed to find out what men think about the objectification of women in the media.
Mean Girls 2005-08-30
I would like to ask you girls 18 and under if you have ever tortured an animal just for fun.