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Controversy / Morality


What is the oldest age it's appropiate to spank a child? 2014-02-25
What is the oldest age it's appropiate to spank a child?
Legal age of consent for sex 2005-01-25
The legal age of consent for sex varies from country to country (or from state to state in the US...
Girl's Self Defense 2001-10-20
Hello. My name is Kathy. I am 14. I am creating this poll because I am curious about if this self...
Extramarital Affair/ Infidelity 2002-04-25
This poll is to find out how many people out there are/have been involved in some sort of an affa...
right or wrong? 2005-07-08
This is a poll to see just how people feel about various hot topics of today
GUYS ONLY! Shirtlessness. 2013-05-13
GUYS ONLY! Shirtlessness.
is pornography obscene? 2008-11-30
I would like to suggest a new poll topic: "is pornography obscene?" (The reason p...
Is Justin Bieber Gay? 2010-05-12
Is Justin Bieber Gay and/or a Girl (The Title Says It All)
Open Marriages--Do They Work 2007-05-18
Experiencing phenomenal popularity among baby boomers is the desire, practice and acceptance of t...
School Uniforms -Guys 2001-08-28
This poll is to be taken by males only, of any age, regarding the return of uniforms to U.S. publ...
Male Rights To Go Shirtless 2003-05-07
Some businesses, amusement parks and places ban males from going barechested. What are your feeli...
What should prison be like ? 2008-01-31 (closed)
Assuming you are running an all-male prison with only convicted criminals, and you have sole disc...
Men's skirts are disgusting 2006-09-06
I do not believe that men should be wearing skirts. If you are a MAN, BE A MAN! God designed men ...
Mouth Washed Out with Soap 2015-03-23
Mouth Washed Out with Soap
Prison Uniforms 2005-08-28
This is a poll about various sorts of prison uniforms.
Nudism 2001-05-25
This is for intersting nudist naturist questions.
Gay rights 2008-01-06
This poll is about what rights you believe homosexuals should have. Please don't answer unless yo...
Should Women have legal rights? 2005-06-01
Theirs been all this hooplah about womens rights, womens lib, The Glorious battles of the liberat...
Human Cloning: Good Or Bad? 2006-01-22
We would like to know what you think about human cloning, whether your for it, against it, or wei...
Which do you think is more harmful for a child to see? 2012-07-23
I'm making this poll after a mass murder and this is in the news.
Executions For What? 2002-03-08
This is a poll about executions - and how they ought to be conducted.
Black men and "How all black women have attitudes." 2006-03-12
Are black men setting themselves up when they say that black women have attitudes? Will their bi...
Decide whether these people should go to jail 2010-03-27
Decide whether a person should receive a short jail sentence, a longer jail sentence or a fine fo...
What about children's Beauty Pageants? 2010-12-14
Are they good or bad, supportive or harmful to children?
Ladies only! Sister vs brother 2012-05-10
What would yo do to your brother if you get really pissed off with him?