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Controversy / Morality


Sexual Abuse Poll 2007-05-02
Opinion poll concerning sexual abuse.
What do you find offensive? Cultural, ethnic and racial 2011-01-06
This deals with issues related to society, such as etiquette, cultures, stereotypes, social cause...
Shortalls 2008-06-19
I like my son to wear shortalls at home which my wife makes. As he's a teenager I realise they'r...
"Indecent Exposure" Petition 2009-11-04
Should people be allowed to go around naked?
On Homosexuality 2008-05-22
Simply: A generic poll featuring sundry questions on the subject of homosexuality.
Stricter laws against harassment 2015-09-14
Harassment at the workplace, in college, street harassment or harassment even on public transport...
Nations still allowing school cp/spanking 2001-09-23
This is a poll for parents of boys in states or nations still allowing spanking and corporal puni...
The Woman's Role 2006-12-28
For a while my wife and I hung out with people who have a real "Little House on the Prarie&q...
Racial supremacy 2008-01-05
I wonder about what you people think about other races and about your own race. Do you think all ...
Airport Security and Kids1 2008-11-26
This is a continuation of the poll "Airport Security and Kids", and is intended for par...
What pranks do you like to play? 2003-08-02
So what pranks do you like to play, and what pranks would you least like to be played on you? W...
Topless Equality for Women 2010-06-07
Just seeking opinions on women's rights (and the lack thereof) in regards to their breasts in Ame...
Parenting 2011-04-29
This is a poll to determine how parents, or the parents of tomorrow, raise or intend to raise the...
Discrimination of Goths/Punks/Skaters/Moshers/Rockers ETC 2003-10-14
This is to see how many other people get discriminated against on a regular basis for the way the...
Homosexuality 2008-11-02
Do female nurses & med techs talk among themselves about patients private parts? 2008-09-22
I am wondering if after a female nurse or a med tech sees a male patient's private parts, do they...
Views on homosexuality 2010-08-20
What are your views on homosexuality and on whether society should accept or reject it?
Guns, Guns, Guns! 2009-01-08
A quick poll on gun violence and restrictions in the United States
Are men (testosterone) to blame? 2009-01-14
I am in a womens study class this term, and the instructor is very anti male. She blames almost a...
Politically Correct? 2008-02-06 (closed)
How much do you follow the rules of political correctness?
Marijuana: good or bad? 2004-02-14
Is weed as bad as they say it is? This poll will ask you your opinions on marijuana.
Fathers Helping Daughters in Changing Rooms 2015-07-10
From the responces to my polls<a href="http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/594255">Gi...
Cruel and Unusual Punishment 2008-04-24
The Constitution of the U.S. states that the poeple shall not be subject to cruel and unusual pun...
vacation - nude couple's play 2015-07-10
Everyone cuts loose during vacations. I'm curious how naked you get, or wish you could get. How m...