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Controversy / Morality


Best and Worst People ever and great reigns 2006-05-15
Child Sexual Abuse 2008-03-31
This is a serious survey and the results will be used in a college study so please do fill it in....
Gender equality- 10 Questions 2008-03-31
What are your views on gender equality?
Nudism and public life 2011-04-16 (closed)
Looking at current opinions about freedom and citizenship.
Survey on Human Behavior 2005-04-18
This survey is voluntary. <br>You must be at least 18 years old to participate, 14 with th...
female arm hair 2004-03-09
do you believe (that while erasing all hair from female legs. armpits. etc)that "the world&q...
Things People (would) Do for Money 2008-10-09
I know these questions are unrealistic, and I know it's difficult to answer hypothetical question...
Prostitution 2008-01-25
Should prostitution be legalized? Split in 4. women 0-21 and 22+. Same for men.
Capital Punishment 2008-09-19
Should capital punishment be reinstated and what form of capital punishment would you use?
Brutal Discipline 2014-04-07
<p>At one time corporal punishment in schools was normal throughout the world. Questioning...
Teenage Sex 2004-03-30
The rate of underage teens (13-17) have been having sex. Many also have been getting pregnant. If...
Nude swimming at indoor swimming pools for American women only 2008-12-19
I would like know if you think indoor swimming pools should be clothing optional.
Control of adult children by parents 2002-03-14
I am wondering how you feel about parents controling their adult children. Please answer question...
Moral dilemma 2009-02-16
What would you do ?
What to expect at a bachelorette party. Female only. 2005-05-20
A wide range of bachelorette parties exist, what would you be comfortable attending?
Cigarette smoking while changing diapers. 2007-12-16
I am a smoker, single mother of 5, and have changed hundreds of diapers while smoking a cigarette.
Paddle 2013-02-11
Best way to paddle, read you;ll get it.
What do you find offensive? Cultural, ethnic and racial 2011-01-06
This deals with issues related to society, such as etiquette, cultures, stereotypes, social cause...
Your Execution 2003-03-28
If you have a death penalty, there's always a tiny chance that an innocent person could be execut...
Personal Body Functions 2005-01-24
This is a little poll to see what you actually do. Be honest!!
Girls Spanked at Home while Growing Up 2015-12-14
This is a poll intended to capture the details of girls who were subjected to spankings as a form...
Teacher-Student Relationships: a poll for the teachers. 2006-01-12
This is one of two polls regarding romantic relationships between high-school teachers and high-s...
On Homosexuality 2008-05-22
Simply: A generic poll featuring sundry questions on the subject of homosexuality.
child pornography 2003-02-27
this poll is to get your view on chid pornography
What pranks do you like to play? 2003-08-02
So what pranks do you like to play, and what pranks would you least like to be played on you? W...