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Controversy / Morality


Animal Testing: Beneficial or Harmful? 2012-11-07 (closed)
This is a public poll regarding animal testing and public views about the topic.
Bartholomew or Conrad 2012-11-07
Preston Alexander (blank). Will he take David's last name or Rachel's? Let's put it to a poll. ...
What's the furthest you'd go for a million quid? 2012-10-26
If you were offered a million pounds would you do some things you would normally never agree to i...
What is your view on hunting? 2012-10-26
This is basically an opinion poll. I want to know what people think about hunting, whether you're...
Autism Poll 2012-10-22
Hello. I (as you can probably tell from my username) have Asperger's Syndrome, a high functioning...
Pain 2012-10-22
What's the worst kind of pain imaginable, relatively speaking? As all is relative there's a few d...
Biggest Mistakes 2012-10-22
I've just returned to Misterpoll, many, many years after last using it and couldn't for the life ...
Marijuana Smokers - When Did You Start Smoking? 2012-10-22
Recreationally or Medically
Legalization of Marijuana 2012-10-15 (closed)
This poll is created for a project in a college-level Government class.
Hygienic Hymen Cutting 2012-10-10
<p>Much tadoo has been made recently about studies that suggest that circumcision of men de...
What topic should I try to inform my speech class on... on friday? 2012-10-01
I have to give a speech to my class tomorrow on a random topic that has a lot of value in America...
Infant ear piercing. 2012-09-25
Should children be old enough to consent before their ears are pierced, as The American Academy o...
One last Tweet 2012-09-17
You live in a society where cannibalism is accepted practice and just found out you are on the me...
Groin strike! Excess force? 2012-09-07
<p>Most people would agree that in a life or death situation its acceptable to use force ag...
8c tarkine poll 2012-09-04
how did you like the performance?
taking shoplifters' shoes 2012-08-28
There was a store clerk who when he caught someone attempting to steal that he gave them two choi...
Belt Spankins 2012-08-28
This a Poll about Being Smacked/Spanked with a Belt. I have a Poll for the Cane as well For this...
Chastised: Child rights vs Parents 2012-08-23
<p>The idea of keeping children pure by limiting their sexuality is nothing new. In fact f...
Superiority: Men vs Women 2012-08-23
Straight up Men vs Women poll. No extra questions.
Are demonic possessions real? 2012-08-20
Do you believe there is such a thing as, people being overtaken by unholy spirits?
Only Feminists Answer 2012-08-20
This is to examine feminist stereotypes and learn what actual feminists believe.
What are UFO's? 2012-08-15
Let's get down to the bottom of it, shall we?
Animal cruelty questionnaire 2012-08-09
This is a senior grade questionnaire which will determine the public's view on animal cruelty
What would you do in these situations? 2012-08-09
Basically, I'll give you some situations that will most likely never happen, and you tell me what...
The Bris - only a Jewish issue? 2012-07-30
<p>In light of a recent German court ruling that circumcision of boys violates human rights...