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Controversy / Morality


Should the USA be sectioned off by race? 2001-04-08
Hello. This poll is about whether the USA should be divided up according to race. How do you feel...
Violence in our schools 2001-03-23
How should the issue of gun violence in our schools be best addressed?
Death, Morality and Taxes 2001-03-03
Are there double standards for individual and collective behavior? Should there be?
School Rules 2001-02-19
Should public schools be able to control these things?
Kissin' cousins 2001-02-12
A short poll to find out how many have been romantically involved with first cousins and what peo...
Road Rage 2001-02-09
We want your opinion on road rage, please be as honest as possible. Your answers are completely a...
Tattoos and Body Piercing 2001-01-30
Monash University ELC students are interested in your attitudes towards body piercing and tattooing.
What Do You Consider Child Abuse? 2001-01-12
Child abuse is UNACCEPTABLE, but what actions do you believe are abusive?
LOONEY TOON 2000-12-15
What would you do in these situations?
does violence in the media influence kids? 2000-12-14
Well, does it?
Survey on Abortion 2000-12-03
Hello I'm making this poll because I have a final project due in Psychology which is a debate on ...
Birthday Spankings 2000-11-27
a few q's about bday spankings
Issues and stuff : I want to hear from Teens 2000-10-21
I'm a teenager. I think. If your a teenager Tell me how you think.
US Circumcision by Region 2000-10-10
Please answer based on region where you were born, not region where you currently reside.
For a million dollars? 2000-10-05
What would you be willing to do for 1 million dollars?
Society 2000-08-11
Many would tell you that our society, as a whole, is falling apart. What do you think?
School Paddlings Needed? 2000-07-28
With discipline at an all time low at the nation's public schools, isn't it time to bring the sc...
Pot Smoker Poll 2000-06-22
This information is just for entertainment purposes only, and may even be used as a platform for ...
Durgs legal or not 2000-05-10
do you think that durges like beer and tabacco should be legal
Marriage, good or bad? 2000-02-03
There has been much talk over homosexual marriage. Should homosexuals be allowed to marry?
Homosexuality: Your Opinion 1999-10-18
What is your opinion on homosexuality?
What's your view on abortion? 1999-10-15
Tell me your views on abortion and your opinions on it.
I Was Never Spanked Poll 1999-04-26
<HTML><BODY><P>This Poll is a compliment to my "I Was Spanked" poll. ...
I Was Spanked Poll 1999-04-25
<HTML><BODY><P>Since I can remember, there has been a hugh debate on how spanki...
Cloning Ethics 1998-12-29
Cloning is an issue that we have muddled over for years. Now, science is actually gathering some...