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Controversy / Morality


abortion 2001-10-17
this is for a research paper so please answer
Effects of Drugs 2001-10-16
Do you really know what drugs are doing to your body? Do you know exactly what you are consuming ...
Violence in the classroom 2001-10-16
Do you think that verbal abuse is a bad enough form of violence to get a child expelled from school?
Anthrax 2001-10-16
This Anthrax can cause death.
Is America being punished by God? 2001-10-14
Is God removing his protection from America due to a decline in morals?Please answer the question...
The Pledge of Allegiance 2001-10-13
Should public school students be required to say the pledge of allegiance even if it is against...
When does life begin? 2001-10-09
A major part of the ongoing abortion debate is whether life begins at conception, birth or somewh...
Mental, Physical, Sexual Abuse Are you a Victim? 2001-10-09
Many people have been victimized by abuse, it could be handed down from generations. Can the cycl...
Why Is society the way it is? 2001-10-08
Society makes people the way they are. Judging people on appearence, religious beliefs, financial...
The Rape Poll! 2001-10-06
" In a study of 2000 Rhode Island 6th and 9th graders two-thirds of the boys and half of the...
Your dog or a stranger. 2001-10-03
We are all faced with moral problems in day to day life.But is you had to make a life or death m...
Does petticoating reallly happen? Spanked too? 2001-09-26
I've heard of petticoating as a form of disciplining boys. Is this fantacy or does this really h...
Would you date your cousin? 2001-09-25
What are your beliefs on cousin relationships?
Censorship 2001-09-24
I'm doing this for my speech class and is about how you feel about censorship
Nations still allowing school cp/spanking 2001-09-23
This is a poll for parents of boys in states or nations still allowing spanking and corporal puni...
Sex, Lies and Videotape 2001-09-23
What's the right thing to do? What's the wrong thing to do? Do you know the difference?
You damned capitalists need a decent communist poll on thsi site!
Blackmailing 2001-09-22
Most people have been blackmailed at some point in their life, tell others about your experience.
school paddling and gender bias 2001-09-22
was ther gender bias with the board of education at your schools? vote now.
Vote To Rebuild! 2001-09-22
Here is your chance to voice your opinion about this very important issue.
should prisons be luxurious????? 2001-09-20
should they?
Prisoners' Rights 2001-09-20
Do prisoners keep their rights?
Punishment of children 2001-09-15
please take this poll and teel me how you were punished and what you would do to your children.
Legalizing public nudity 2001-09-06
Opinions on the legalization of public nudity
Kids and Smoking 2001-09-01
To find out why kids smoke cigarettes. What do they like about tobacco, what do they dislike. Pl...