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Controversy / Morality


Parking Habits 2001-11-17
Parking - the bane of road rage
Sexual Orientation 2001-11-17
Are you straight, gay, lesbian , bi?
Doctors: Should They Play God? 2001-11-17
Euthanasia is giving doctors the permission to end the life of a terminally ill patient. Euthanas...
Cloning Ethics 2001-11-14
Scientists have stated that cloning could be used to benefit mankind. Such claims of this are th...
Are opinions ruining society? 2001-11-14
Many evil things today are made out to be justified by the claim that everyone has their own &quo...
Prostitution.. Legal Or NOT? 2001-11-14
Hello, this poll is to see what the general consensus is of the public on whether or not Prostitu...
Sibling Encounters 2001-11-13
seeing your sibling naked
Do you pee in the shower? 2001-11-13
How many of you pee while taking a shower?
Homosexuality: Inborn Trait or Learned Trait? 2001-11-13
I'm writing a sociological research paper on whether homosexuality comes to be from factors outsi...
OK to pee in the pool ?? 2001-11-12
Just wondered how many folks think it`s OK to take a pee in a public swimming pool.
What are your views on witchcraft? 2001-11-12
Over the past few years there has been a huge rise of witchcraft.
People who blow up abortion clinics/commit other hate crimes 2001-11-12
Pro-abortion people often try to justify abortion by talking about people blowing up clinics and ...
What should be done about spanking polls? 2001-11-10
There seems to be a vast and unending supply of spanking polls here. Should something be done ab...
Homosexuals 2001-11-09
This poll is about how we as str8s think of gays and lesbians
Do you make your children say "ma'am" and "sir"? 2001-11-09
These days common respect has decreased tremendously.
Cats or Dogs? 2001-11-09
Mans best friend or cute and cuddly kitties? The battle begins!
Adversity of the Media 2001-11-09
Our poll discusses the media, and its mannerisms. How does society censor various aspects of the...
Do you take drugs 2001-11-09
Do you take drugs
Lip Piercings on Girlz! 2001-11-09
My friend and I are in a piercing debate.... HELP! (Guys, your opinion is the most valued on this...
Child Maturity and Today's Society 2001-11-09
This is a series of questions dealing with what children should or should not be allowed to do at...
Legal Nude Beaches 2001-11-09
This poll is to assess the general public's attitude to legal nude beaches
If 2001-11-09
If you were offered a million dollars U.S. to leave the country and never return, would you accept?
Social Nudism in America 2001-11-07
This poll is designed for research on social nudism in America. It's purpose is to capture the Am...
Life on the inside 2001-10-26
I'm curious about how we think. I believe the results will tell us alot about the people we share...
Gay Rights 2001-10-25
questions about gay rights