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Controversy / Morality


Ethnic reputations 2002-01-05
I made this poll because I wanted to see which ethnic group has the most negative reputation.
Ladies racial preferences 2002-01-03
Heres a touchy subject. I'll ask questions for girls of every race on what they like.
Violence against women 2002-01-03
For women who have been physically attacked by a man.
Islam in America... Friend or Enemy??? - Group 2002-01-03
so whats the bottom line, what do you think ?
Stem cell Research 2001-12-31
Stem cell research has recently become a major moral issue, pro-life vs. possible scientific g...
Three Strikes Your Out! 2001-12-31
This is for Government Class!!!
Hero's or Killers? 2001-12-31
I want your opinions on how the men in Vietnam were treated differently than our troops now.
Why has society gotten so lame and sleazy? 2001-12-21
It seems to me people are less intelligent and less moral in the past 20 years or so.
Pants on fire 2001-12-19
Everyone hates a liar, right? We teach our children not to lie. Some of us have even had our mo...
What should be done to Bin? 2001-12-13
I assume for this poll that Ladden is guilty, as per the obvious, what should we do to him?
Bra Attitudes 2001-12-13
Just curious what people's attitudes are toward the garment of clothing known as a Bra.
Ice Cream 2001-12-13
Uh. what kind you like??
Transgendered or confused? 2001-12-13
The term 'transgendered' has been coined, and for some reason, it has stuck. What do you think?
How do you view Muslims? 2001-12-13
What are some of the positive and negative opinions that Americans have toward Muslim people?
Mens' Short Hair Poll 2001-12-13
Asks the guys their short hair history and opinions
Homosexuals in the Military 2001-12-13
Tell me what you think about this, please vote!!!!!!
Smoking Poll 2001-12-12
I am doing a public opinion project for my history class and I would greatl appreciate it if you ...
MALE RAPE! 2001-11-29
I'm a normal 15 year old male. I don't turn down sex if I'm offered although I've only done it tw...
Should Males be allowed to wear panties and pantyhose 2001-11-27
Interrested in male and female opinions on males wearing panties and pantyhose
C.P.in girls schools in England only 2001-11-27
There is a lobby to change the law to reintroduce corporal punishment in English schools. I only...
Who was the worst human being of all time? 2001-11-26
Who do you think has brought shame and dishonoured the entire human race of all time, and no you ...
Are you a racist!! (I hope not) 2001-11-26
I hate it when people use racial slurs against each other as a come back. Its so cave man talk. B...
Censorship 2001-11-21
This is poll on your views on censorship. Please a take a few minutes and fill this out. Thanks!
Women's Abuse Poll 2001-11-20
This poll is for women of all ages.
Do smokers have "rights"? 2001-11-19
Second hand smoke(people smoking around others) kills 50,000 people a year! Can you smoke alone?