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Controversy / Morality


Is it racist? 2002-02-27
I was in class recently and there was a word problem. It said "Lee looked up at Chang Ye at ...
Society vs. Universe 2002-02-25
You better check yourself before you wreck yourself.
Homosexuals 2002-02-18
Read the title,...
Restraining Kids (harness, leash etc.) 2002-02-18
A more general poll on the use of harnesses and other restraining devices for kids of all ages.
Police Brutality On A Peaceful Sit-In Protest? 2002-02-18
Several years ago, Americans saw news footage that shocked them--and gave several people PTSD (Po...
Running Red Lights 2002-02-14
What do you think should happen to drivers who run red lights
Racism Lives on; but is it blacks or whites contributing? 2002-02-14
my poll, is not in any way, racist.i am extremely curious to find out if you think it is blacks o...
Cloning 2002-02-12
I need a little info for a school project on cloning, can you help me out?
School Violence 2002-02-12
Whether or not school violence affects teens today.
Death Penalty Abolition 2002-02-12
It is entirely possible that an innocent person can be sent to their death in the United States. ...
Segregation Vs. Integration 2002-02-11
For a school project I am researching segregation vs. integraion and to extend my research have s...
Teacher & student sexual affairs 2002-02-11
I just want to know about how the public reacts if they hear news about 'em or if it happens in t...
Airport Security Causing Delays 2002-02-06
Stricter airport security since Sept. 11th is causing long delays for passengers boarding airplan...
Regarding Muslims 2002-02-04
I've seen many non-white skinned people being abused...and i would like to know more...
ABORTION: murder of birth control 2002-01-31
This poll is to see how different age groups, and races view abortion. Do we see it as Murder or ...
Is America a Racist country? 2002-01-31
What do you think about racism in the United States?
Narrow Minded A-holes 2002-01-30
let's see how narrow people really are!
SIBLINGS 2002-01-24
This is to servey people on the subject of sibling conflict and how common it is.
Enron Poll 2002-01-22
What is your take?
This is just to see what some people's opinions are about pre-marital sex and having babies out o...
Going barefoot and NSNSNS signs 2002-01-21
This is a poll for anyone who goes barefoot in stores and other places. How do you respond when a...
Sex and Violence in the Movies 2002-01-16
A short poll to look at attitudes toward nudity and death in film. By "nude scene" I me...
drug legality, moral? 2002-01-14
questioning legitimacy of government's oppression of "criminals," because they use or s...
WTCisback.com Quick Poll 2002-01-14
Do you want the World Trade Center to be rebuilt?
Male vs. Female Homosexuality 2002-01-14
It is hoped that this poll will help to provide some insight as to whether there is a difference ...