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Controversy / Morality


do you have powers 2002-04-01
people who have powers
Easter: Does it suck? 2002-04-01
How is/was your holiday?
Is Weed Great? 2002-04-01
This poll will determine what is the most important thing mother nature gives us.
GAY PEOPLE 2002-03-27
Genetic Screening 2002-03-27
Genetic screening is the testing of mutations of specific genes that can cause severe problems to...
The Death Penalty - Is It Fair? 2002-03-27
Please provide your choice of four options on this topic.
Women And WW2 2002-03-19
I'm doing a school project on women in WW2. I was just wondering if you think that women should h...
should kids be taught about gays in school 2002-03-19
this poll is to see if people are ok that schools teach about gays & gay rights
Alcohol Vs. Marijuana - Which is worse? 2002-03-19
One is legal the other is not. Do the laws make sense as they are?
Gay marriage 2002-03-19
What are your feelings about gay couples and their right to be married and have the same rights a...
Panties - Freedom of Choice 2002-03-17
I'm a 49 y/o guy, who has been wearing women's panties, off & on, since I was 10. After many ...
Could u kill a boy to save others? Version 2!!! 2002-03-17
Hi, They is quite a long story behind this first question but I won't bore you with it. I hav...
Legalization of Marijuana 2002-03-15
Marijuana can be used to create paper, clothing, other textiles, cosmetics, fuel, medicine, and c...
Terrorists 2002-03-14
Hi what do you think should happen to those nasty terrorists?
Control of adult children by parents 2002-03-14
I am wondering how you feel about parents controling their adult children. Please answer question...
Patriots or Zealots? 2002-03-11
Is the rapid growth in US jingoism healthy? Are the people practicing it patriots, or dead-head z...
Is Abortion Right or Wrong? 2002-03-11
This poll is to gather the publics opinion of abortion.
Opinion on the Middle East 2002-03-08
I am conducting this poll for a research paper I am working on - Thank you for taking the time to...
What is Age for Sexuality 2002-03-08
There is some debate as to what a proper decision age is with regard to sex.
Executions For What? 2002-03-08
This is a poll about executions - and how they ought to be conducted.
Should fox hunting be banned? 2002-03-08
Fox hunting in my opinion is cruel and pointless. It has been banned in scotland, the question is...
Should America Rebuild The World Trade Centers 2002-03-04
Shoud America Rebuild The World Trade Centers
Sex Chip Yes or No 2002-03-04
This poll are for people from the ages of 18-49.There are talks in the news about a Chip that wil...
The death penalty 2002-03-04
Well, this is a basic death penalty poll which should hopefully collate information around the wo...
Punishment For Rape 2002-03-01
This is to see what people think would be suitable punishments for rape. Feel free to make commen...