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Controversy / Morality


Racism 2002-04-22
How do you feel about Racism? Racism is a serious problem affecting all people and with the event...
Pornography: Where do you stand? 2002-04-19
This is a poll to see what people think about pornography.. Please answer honestly!
legal sex 2002-04-15
this is to determine what people think the legal age for sex should be
Which was the most tragic? 2002-04-15
Which was the most tragic?
Are Sportspeople Obliged to be Role Models? 2002-04-15
do famous sportspeople have to be Role models for us all?? that means they have to do everythi...
How old is nudity acceptable? 2002-04-15
How old should children be before nudiy is restricted in a family? All questions assume nonsexua...
True or False 2002-04-15
This is a true or false poll about what you think. There is no correct answer so don't think the...
Circumcision 2002-04-15
I want this to be honest and real. Don't vote multiple times.
Gun Control 2002-04-15
Hi... this information will be included in my I-search project... so please answer as honestly as...
What is the meaning of life? 2002-04-15
Your view is required. Please select the best answer that matches your own opinion.
CURFEWS 2002-04-15
What curfews are too early?
Does discrimination still exist? 2002-04-15
While discrimination based on race, gender, religion, and sexual preference is illegal, prejudice...
Co-ed Skinny Dipping 2002-04-14
According to a recent Roper Poll 1/4 of all adult Americans (51 million) have skinny dipped with ...
Homosexuality 2002-04-10
Millions of people all around the world are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, or questioning...
Married women only poll 2002-04-09
Please answer these questions...
Death Penalty....Is it wrong? 2002-04-09
Help me see what people are thinking about the death penalty.
Cloning - A New Frontier or Science Gone Too Far? 2002-04-09
This is about human cloning, and "designer babies" - where parents can pick and choose ...
Domestic Violence Laws in Wis 2002-04-09
Please answer all questions truthfully.
What is abortion really about 2002-04-09
The issue of abortion remains one of the most controversial topics of the past 30 years. After al...
Legalize Marijuana 2002-04-09
Answer honestly!!! You wont get in trouble if you admit smoking herb! Come on now!
advice about panties needed 2002-04-09
I am a male whom wears panties. I don't think I should have to hide that fact.
grounded 2002-04-01
if you`re not quite sure, being grounded is a punishment for kids and teens where they are restri...
Russell Yates - Guilty? 2002-04-01
After the drowning deaths of her five children, Andrea Gates was found guilty. Many believe her ...
British Policewomen 2002-04-01
What should women's role be in the British Police Force?
Strait-jackets 2002-04-01
Who has worn them?