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Controversy / Morality


Gay rights 2002-05-30
How do you feel about gay marrigaes? Do you think that two people should be able to get married,a...
Cloning 2002-05-23
I'm doing this poll for a school report and I'd like to thank anyone who takes it.
Cloning 2002-05-16
My cousin and I are working on a debate for class. Please tell us if you think cloning is a good ...
Should Black Americans be paid reparations for slavery? 2002-05-16
Hello. My name is Phil. Over the past few years, we have seen some sporadic movement for the push...
Abolish Death Penalty? 2002-05-13
I am doing a debate for a class on, "should we have death row?", and I needed a survey....
DRUGS!?! 2002-05-10
This is an ongoing general poll on drugs.
Human Meat 2002-05-10
Human Meat
Longer life 2002-05-10
If you could live for thousands of years under your ideal circumstances would you want to?
Premarital sex, anyone? 2002-05-06
Poll on premarital sex.
Pro-Choice or Pro Life 2002-05-06
Are you pro choice or pro life on abortion
Your thoughts on Vampires 2002-05-06
Vampires, myth, fantasy or reality...I know it's a reality cause i am what i am...but i'm looking...
Embarassing drunk things 2002-05-06
Most of us adults like drinking alcohol to relax and socialise, but sometimes we go too far...Hav...
Bisexuality 2002-05-02
Do you think sexuality is a result of social pressure, or is bisexuality a possible norm?
What do you know about abortion? 2002-05-02
This is a poll to determine what facts people know (and don't know) about abortion.
Should music be censored? 2002-05-02
I would like to hear people's opinions on music censorship.
vegetarianism 2002-04-29
This poll is about your opinions on vegetarianism.
Hot Topics! 2002-04-29
yup...all the stuff most Christians don't wanna talk about
What do you think. 2002-04-29
This poll gives you the ability to voice your opinion on the legal drinking age.
Should Prostitution be Legalized? 2002-04-27
Should brothel-type prostitution be legalized in America?
Extramarital Affair/ Infidelity 2002-04-25
This poll is to find out how many people out there are/have been involved in some sort of an affa...
Terrorism 2002-04-25
hi im doing a survey for a school "world problem" project please fill this out
Homosexuality and Neanderthals 2002-04-22
To find out how open people are to homosexuality
self punishment 2002-04-22
Like you really read the intro. Just do the poll :op
Would you be comfortable with foreign troops on our streets? 2002-04-22
During a national crisis it's possible that foreign troops may be used to patrol our streets. How...
Men v.s. Women 2002-04-22
This is a poll to research whether men or women have more rights or are they the same.