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Controversy / Morality


BORN/RAISED/CHOOSE- - - GAY 2002-11-22
Do you think we are born gay, raised and made to be gay, or choose to be gay?
how do you toke your reefer? 2002-11-15
everyone likes smoking different ways. with so many options, it can be hard to choose!
Censorship or Not? 2002-11-15
Does censorhip work or is it just a completely stupid thing that has no purpose?
What is your opinion on gay marriages?
Stupid people MAKE stupid Pit Bulls 2002-11-14
What people think about Pit Bull fighting and their owners!
New Improved Euthanasia poll 2002-11-14
Voluntary euthanasia is a subject that has been and continues to be very controversial, here's yo...
Andrea Yates abortion 2002-11-11
Was she guilty of murder, infanticide? When one looks at the evidence without allowing emotion t...
Drugs...you know...DRUGS! 2002-11-06
Should humans be allowed access to whatever they want to ingest so long as it doesn't hurt anyone...
Sniper 2002-10-28
What penalty should the sniper get if convicted?
Value of Life 2002-10-23
What is the value of life to you?
Should children speak? 2002-10-23
We are gathering information to get an idea of what people think about our currant family court,c...
who is the virginia sniper? 2002-10-23
who is the sniper in virginia?
reversed discrimination 2002-10-23
paying for the crimes of others<ANCESTORS>
Human Cloning 2002-10-23
this is a poll about whether or not human cloning should be legal
Porn 2002-10-23
Should it be wrong for kids have to wait to see pornography? When they will just see it sooner or...
Morality in general 2002-09-29
Morality eh? whats that then? what do you think about it? is this poll really about morality? or ...
Curfew and home late punishments for girls over 18 2002-09-20
When I was born, in 1965, almost all the girls over 18 had a curfew. When I was 25, in 1990, I ...
Fostering hate so close to 9/11 2002-09-16
in this time of rememberance of crisis, most media, including MSN are still fostering hate toward...
World Events 2002-09-16
Do you think we should take out Saddam Hussein?
MOMS ONLY: about your boys... 2002-09-12
Mom’s, please take a moment to share your thoughts on where we should allow our boys to go pee. ...
Do parents have the right to create a deaf child? 2002-09-04
recently I read an article in a magazine that told about a deaf lesbian couple who chose the sper...
Punishment : Which Is Better? 2002-09-04
This is for KIDS/TEENS ONLY! To see which punishment they'd rather.
To smoke or not to smoke 2002-08-22
How do you feel about smoking in public, sales taxes, second hand smoke, smoking industry in poli...
The Very Special Poll 2002-08-22
what time is an appropriate curfew? 2002-08-12
This poll is dedicated to all those struggling teens who believe their social life just needs 1 m...