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Controversy / Morality


The Beast Within Man 2003-01-30
Every human person has a savage side that wants to see the most violent images possible and live ...
Boys sleeping nude, questions? 2003-01-27
I find it funny with all the polls about boys wanting to sleep nude at home and sleep over. Whil...
Thought or action? 2003-01-22
i want to know, What does the general public think of homosexuals in the community, and what is t...
Handicapped Parking 2003-01-02
How does the general public feel about Handicapped Parking Spaces?
Value of Human/Animal Life 2002-12-27
Why are some humans' lives valued more than others? Do animals' lives matter at all, to anyone bu...
What is your view............. 2002-12-23
Hi, im Nemesiiiss, you may remember me from such gradually degenerating polls as "morality i...
What's your position on human cloning? 2002-12-20
Whether cloning is right or wrong.
Do you agree with the boy scouts' ban on gays? 2002-12-16
Yes or No
Legalize Mariguana 2002-12-16
Are you against or in favor of legalizing mariguana
discretionary access for women 2002-12-15
should women have discretionary access into men's restrooms and locker rooms (when there is a lin...
Lyrical Impact 2002-12-12
This poll hopes to obtain a general opinion on weather people find lyrics in modern music to have...
Half Full or Half Empty 2002-12-12
Just a few questions for you.
$1,000,000 2002-12-11
What would you do for $1,000,000us ?
Society and Morality 2002-12-11
I personnally feel that society, especially in the Western World, has become way too immoral. I a...
False Accusations Against Catholic Priests 2002-12-03
The Roman Catholic Church of the United States has been rocked by allegations of child sexual abu...
The Black Community 2002-12-03
This poll is targeting the black community. The following are just a few questins on social issue...
My Black Community 2002-12-03
This poll is for the Black community only to ascertain their views on homosexuality. This poll i...
Nose Rings 2002-11-27
The controversy of body jewelry at the workplace.
wealth versus poverty 2002-11-22
Is it better to be poor or wealthy?
Legalization of Drugs 2002-11-22
Please help me with some minor "non-scientific" statistics. Please vote only once and h...
BORN/RAISED/CHOOSE- - - GAY 2002-11-22
Do you think we are born gay, raised and made to be gay, or choose to be gay?
how do you toke your reefer? 2002-11-15
everyone likes smoking different ways. with so many options, it can be hard to choose!
Censorship or Not? 2002-11-15
Does censorhip work or is it just a completely stupid thing that has no purpose?
What is your opinion on gay marriages?
Stupid people MAKE stupid Pit Bulls 2002-11-14
What people think about Pit Bull fighting and their owners!