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Controversy / Morality


CARS 2003-03-27
Best car
Clothing and racial stereotypes 2003-03-25
Find out why and if people expect others to wear certain clothes based on race.
Demographics 2003-03-25
I wanted to see the type of people who have answered a previous poll about Andrea Yates abortions...
Are you Racist? 2003-03-18
What do you think of other races
pornography on the internet 2003-03-18
There is a lot of talk about preventing access to children on the internet. But does this mean th...
U.S.A VS. IRAQ 2003-03-18
usa vs iraq
Should I let my son skinny-dip at his friend's? 2003-03-18
My 12 year old son's best friend has a swimming pool and has invited my boy over. There are three...
Petticoat punishment 2003-03-18
My brother had to go through petticoat punishment, and I wondering how many other boys recieved t...
How often are you truthful on the internet?
Manufacturing Outsourcing 2003-02-27
Many kinds of manufacturing Operations are being outsourced from US.
child pornography 2003-02-27
this poll is to get your view on chid pornography
Praise the lord! 2003-02-26
The lord works in mystrious ways, as does the plot of "blade" what does this mean? Will...
Cell Phone Etiquette 2003-02-26
I want to know what other people think about what should be unwriten rules about cell phones
Piercing ,Tattoos, And Society 2003-02-20
Hey Folks, Most of you are here because you are in Dr. Parsons Sociology Of SP Class, but even i...
Labels in Society 2003-02-20
This is a hypothetical question about the tendency in our society to put labels on things we don'...
The Sock Question 2003-02-20
This is a hypothetical question about the way people dress. Please answer honestly.
Religion In Schools 2003-02-19
I am doing a research paper and would much appreciate your feed back.
Assault and Gender.....Double standard or Not? 2003-02-19
Do you think there is a double standard when it comes to assaulting people, where its okay for fe...
Cornertime for girls over 18 2003-02-16
In my poll "Curfew and home late punishments for girls over 18" there are a lot of girl...
girl gone wild? 2003-02-15
If you heard your friend hurt another friend really badly, would you stop being friends with her?...
War on Iraq 2003-02-15
Please indicate your opinions of the War on Iraq as honestly as possible.
Gay Rights, What's Your Opinion? 2003-02-09
What do you think about the topic of gay rights? Which rights do you think homos should or shoul...
The Anti-White Movement 2003-02-09
What do you think of black people (and other races) who constantly pick on white folks? Does it ...
Discrimination in Job Searching 2003-02-09
I would like to know from employers if you have ever hesitated to interview an individual if thei...
Current Events 2003-01-31
Please answer the following questions honestly and to the best of your knowledge.