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Controversy / Morality


Humanity's History 2003-06-10
How old do you think civilization is? Tell us more...
Medical Insurance for Cohabitating Couples 2003-06-06
Please help me obtain information; I am a university student writing a theseis regarding insuranc...
Are you as evil as satan himself? 2003-06-05
Are you as evil minded as big ol'red himself or are you a bit of an old softy who's probably neve...
Homosexual Marriage 2003-06-05
This poll is meant to gauge public opinion on the rights that should be available to lesbians and...
To take or not to take? 2003-05-28
I have a question for you: When someone gives you something, they can't take it back, right?
Designer Babies Questionnaire 2003-05-23
Please answer the questions.
My wife and I disagree on how to raise our 3 sons. 2003-05-20
Me and my wife have 4 kids. 3 sons (8,12,15) and a daughter(10). My wife thinks boys should not ...
Men's Skirts 2003-05-20
Should men and boys have the same clothing choices women have?
Screwed by a CPA? 2003-05-20
Have you ever been screwed by a CPA as either your accountant or as your employer?
Is it right or wrong to clone humans? 2003-05-19
Is it right or wrong to clone humans? Although human cloning can be beneficial, it also has many ...
Do You Let Your Preteen Son Be Nude. 2003-05-14
Just A Quick Poll.
Are you a Ghost? 2003-05-14
This is a poll to find out if u r a ghost. Please answer these questions as freely as u can. If u...
Male Rights To Go Shirtless 2003-05-07
Some businesses, amusement parks and places ban males from going barechested. What are your feeli...
Bra/Top freedom for women 2003-05-07
this is a public opinion poll for men or women about bras and bikini tops on women
Public Breast Freedom 2003-05-01
top and bra freedom for women in public in western society america
Casual Family Nudity 2003-05-01
Casual family nudity is where a family practice honest, sincere, upfront, no holds barred nudity ...
Child Abuse 2003-05-01
Chlid abuse
(Women only) Therapy & Punishment for Rapists 2003-04-26
There is a new more discriptive poll out, if you think you can handle it at http://www.misterpo...
moustaches, "IN" or "SIN" 2003-04-17
whats up with the upper lip hair?
Voluntary Slavery 2003-04-11
We want to see how the general population feels about voluntary enslavement.
Iraqi Lost Generation 2003-04-09
Most analysts believe that after more than a decade of propaganda and "Hitler Youth"-li...
Hugh Hefner 2003-04-09
This is a poll with a lot of questions you bastards!
Shall we wear face mask in office area? 2003-04-09
The above question has become a hot topic in many companies since the explosion of SARS. Some com...
Barefoot or Piercings? 2003-04-08
This is about what offends you the most in public.
Your Execution 2003-03-28
If you have a death penalty, there's always a tiny chance that an innocent person could be execut...