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Controversy / Morality


Were you molested as a child/ preteen/ teen? 2003-09-02
Answer a few questions.
Same gender marriage 2003-09-02
There seems to be a lot of controversy over this. I was just wondering what other people thought.
Do we hide our sexuality? 2003-08-28
I'm trying figure out if the American (and other nations of course) Public is hiding something
Can you Forgive your partner 2003-08-26
We want your opinion
4 Quick Race Questions 2003-08-22
Explain in comments section
Social Issues 2003-08-22
This poll is to figure out what the public is so afraid of, and what we find disturbing and hate....
Opinion on Affirmative Action 2003-08-18
Here is your chance to voice your opinion on Affirmative Action
Mandals 2003-08-13
Study of Mandals (male sandals)
People Poll 2003-08-10
This is a poll to see how others perceive human life.
What pranks do you like to play? 2003-08-02
So what pranks do you like to play, and what pranks would you least like to be played on you? W...
naked in mixed company 2003-08-02
I was forced to strip for a group of peopel. I am male and I was more humiliated by the guys than...
Should Marijuana Be Legal? 2003-07-29
Are you one of the people who realizes the truth about our "war on drugs"?
Bra Bonnetting (bra removing prank) 2003-07-29
In my home country of Armenia, there is a popular prank called ‘bra-bonnet’, which involves a g...
Was Jesus Christ for real? 2003-07-29
What do you think about Jesus Christ, was He for real? Was he just a con-artist, a liar, a crazy...
Men working shirtless 2003-07-25
Per a message on the main board, an interest in making a poll of this subject has been noted here...
How old were you when you had your first child? 2003-07-16
Were you a young mother? Females only
Fashion Freedom for Men 2003-07-16
Poll after poll seems to show that people think men should be free to wear some women's fashions....
How old were you when you first saw pornography? 2003-07-08
When I was in grade 9, a friend sold me his old pornographic magazines. Then my mom found them, a...
Voyeurism unaware 2003-07-08
Have you ever seen something of a woman that you were not intended to see?
Same sex relationships. 2003-07-03
What do you think of same sex relationships?
Same-sex prom dates 2003-07-02
When I was in high school, I was asked to leave my senior prom by the principle because my date w...
Genetics Awearness Poll 2003-06-25
Genetics are the start of a persons life and effect them their hole life.
US controlling space 2003-06-15
the US is now acting to get complete control over outer space, and no one from other countries ca...
People on the Autistic Spectrum who don't want to be cured 2003-06-15
I did this poll because I'm proud of my high functioning autism and don't want to be cured of it,...
Girls, does it offend you to see a guy peeing in public? 2003-06-13
Girls, it's no secret that it's easier and faster for men to pee than women and that because of t...