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Controversy / Morality


Unbiased Abortion Poll 2003-11-12
It's a never-ending battle between the pro-choice and pro-life activists. How do you feel about t...
Homosexuality- Good or Bad 2003-11-11
This is a poll designed to get a general idea of what the public thinks on the topic of homosexua...
Mp3 Poll 2003-11-04
This poll is about MP3's and the piracy of digital media!
Infringing on Women's Rights? 2003-11-04
President Bush plans on signing a bill that would make partial birth abortions illegal. What are ...
Your Sexual Orientation:How old is old enough to decide? 2003-11-04
This is a poll to get people's opinions on how old you think someone should be in order to determ...
Rights to Life 2003-11-04
who should determine whether or not a terminally ill person lives or dies?
De Issues 2003-10-28
Controversial topics...
Teens who've been affected by divorced parents 2003-10-28
this poll is about teens ( male and female) who've been affected by their parents being divorced....
Do boys need to track into the house just to pee? 2003-10-24
Last summer my boys and their friends were constantly tracking through the house to the bathroom....
are you a werewolf? 2003-10-21
are you a werewolf?
Money vs, Happiness 2003-10-20
Would you rather have money or true happiness?
Cloaning Ethics 2003-10-14
This poll is about the ethics of human cloning.
Discrimination of Goths/Punks/Skaters/Moshers/Rockers ETC 2003-10-14
This is to see how many other people get discriminated against on a regular basis for the way the...
Is "Unlock the key to your heart" a valid phrase? 2003-10-14
<br><u>Pro:</u> Yes, people use it, therefore it is valid. I've heard and/or u...
Would California Govoner Swartzenegger ban Canadian filming? 2003-10-14
Newly Elect Govoner Arnold Swatzeneggar admitted that film industrys should focus more on California
Declining Morality 2003-10-07
What is your opinion of the current moral state of society?
The Most Hated Country? 2003-10-07
Which country really riles you up and really makes u wanna spit at the very mention of its name, ...
Your activities 2003-10-04
Hey yall this is another gay poll for skoo so help me out n dont worry itz confiedental.
Parents- what is OK at a group for children? 2003-10-03
I am a leader at a group for 6-9 year old children. I moved from one district to another when I w...
Homophobic? 2003-10-02
Our culture is brainwahsed at young ages to be Homophobic among a lot of other things. Lets see w...
Gay : Right or Wrong? 2003-09-30
I want to know people's views on homosexuality.
Are you a killer? 2003-09-26
Here's a poll to see if there are any potential killers among us.
Death Penalty YES or NO? 2003-09-23
should this still be? please help this poll is for a school event!
drivers license 2003-09-23
Should everyone be givin the chance to at least take the test to get a drivers license?