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Controversy / Morality


Final Fantasy Tactics Philosophy 2004-03-03
In the videogame Final Fantasy Tactics, many political and moral issues are brought up. I have t...
Abortion 2004-03-03
This poll is concerning abortion
The Columbus Day Controversy!!! 2004-03-03
Some people think since Christopher Columbus didn't actually discover America, why should he have...
marriage 2004-03-03
what is your stand on same sex marriage?
Should gays have the right to marry? 2004-03-03
With the current controversy, I was curious about what the general public feels about this issue.
Do you think women are being treated fairly in the world? 2004-02-28
In the world there are many countries w/ different laws, do you think women have the rights they ...
Are you a racist? 2004-02-27
A test for people of any race, to see how we are in race relations in the USA
Definition of a Drug 2004-02-23
What should the criteria of what exactly makes something a drug be? I always respond to e-mai...
The Cursing Quiz 2004-02-23
Cursing- How bad is it really?
Reasons You Might Take Off Your Clothes in Public ? 2004-02-23
Most people wouldn't normally get fully or part naked in public What kind of reasons or circum...
PIT BULLS 2004-02-23
Just trying to get a feel for what people think of this kind of dog.
Abortion 2004-02-17
Try to know people's opinion about abortion
Marijuana: good or bad? 2004-02-14
Is weed as bad as they say it is? This poll will ask you your opinions on marijuana.
Should They Allow Gay Marriages? 2004-02-13
Should gay people be allowed to get married?
ei jaz wanna ask
sexrole norms 2004-02-11
I want to know what people think about sexroles..
Nudity on Network Television 2004-02-11
This is to see how people feel about nudity on regular, free network television in the U.S.
Headscarves in France 2004-02-11
Should France ban the headscarves worn by many Muslim women from public schools and other places?
Rate Your Freedom of Expression 2004-02-04
After the 'incident' at SuperBowl XXXVIII, I have decided to launch a new poll. This one will ga...
TRUE MORALITY 2004-02-03
To be or not to be...
CP/spanking in schools 2004-02-03
This is to find out who is/was punished in school by CP
Courage, or Coward? 2004-02-02
What do you think citizens ought to be able to do, in defense of their country or culture?
Resulting to Violence 2004-02-02
Americans every day do horrible things to one another, whether it is murdering someone or just pr...
Ethics, Morality, and Beliefs Applied to Current Events 2004-02-02
Analyzing what you believe, your knowledge, and your opinions about world issues.
I did something wrong..... 2004-02-02
I felt very gulity that I entered my friend's voicemail without her knowledge and deleted one of ...