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Controversy / Morality


Tobacco Use in the World 2004-04-05
Hey everyone my poll is part of a project at my highschool. We have chosen a world problem and we...
GO VEGETARIAN!!! 2004-04-02
i'm a vegetarian. are you? what good stuff have you done in <b>YOUR</b> life today?
SHOULD KIDS HAVE A SAY...? 2004-03-30
how do you feel about adults controlling kids' lives? is it just life? or what?
To live or Not to live 2004-03-30
Hey if you guys could tell me if you belive in capital punishment or dont believe in capital puni...
A Society of Mannequins 2004-03-30
It is rare for men and women to feel good about their bodies these days. This may be the result ...
Teenage Sex 2004-03-30
The rate of underage teens (13-17) have been having sex. Many also have been getting pregnant. If...
A Better Pro-population "overpopulation" poll. 2004-03-30
There is no such thing as "too many" people. For nobody seems to think of themselves, a...
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Questionnaire 2004-03-27
In February 2004, a 6th grader in Ohio was suspended from school for 2 days for bringing a copy o...
Teenage Sex 2004-03-26
For the last several years teenage sex has increased. Many teens have have also gotten pregnant a...
Seatbelts 2004-03-24
Should people HAVE to wear seatbelts
Homosexuality, Marriage, and the Bible (US residents only) 2004-03-23
Many versions of the Bible exist in the English language. Each reflects the world view, beliefs a...
Marijuana Legalisation 2004-03-23
What is your opinion on marijuana, a.k.a. pot, weed, hemp, etc.
Passion Of The Christ 2004-03-23
How has it affected you? Looking for thoughts from those who were non-Christians at the time of ...
Amazon Rain Forest 2004-03-23
about the amazon rain forest, and global warming
Confidence in The System (USA only) 2004-03-23
How confident are you that things will work the way they ought to, or the way they tell you they ...
Circumcise Your Son? 2004-03-23
In the United States, babies are routinely circumcised, despite the fact that there is no medical...
Age of Consent to Sexual Activitiy 2004-03-23
You are old!
female arm hair 2004-03-09
do you believe (that while erasing all hair from female legs. armpits. etc)that "the world&q...
Is marijuana dangerous? 2004-03-09
This poll is for you to answer some questions about marijuana, and give you a chance to share you...
The Abortion Poll 2004-03-09
What do you think of abortion?
Slang perceptions: ''Honky'', offensive or not 2004-03-09
This poll asks your opinion about the word "honky" (or "honkey" or "honk...
Forced sterilization of women with HIV 2004-03-08
Should women with HIV be sterilized?
Is predjudice creeping back? 2004-03-08
Do you believe that <i>predjudice</i> has returned to the realms of acceptable beha...
Flatulation 2004-03-08
Share the joy of Farting
Being told to stop videotaping 2004-03-05
There are a lot of places where rules are set that do not permit the use of cameras or videocamer...