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Controversy / Morality


How Many Kids Did Michael Jackson Do ? 2004-04-23
How Dirty Is Michael Jackson ??
Drug Abuse 2004-04-23
Poll about drugs and teens, experiences.
how would you die 2004-04-23
how would you die if you were given the chance to choose.. most of these are ovbious choices but ...
Deforestation 2004-04-19
A six question survey regarding deforestation. Please take it!
what are your feelings on habitat preservation 2004-04-19
Hey I am doing a poll for school on habitat preservation. When you give me your feelings on the s...
Eating Disorders 2004-04-19
Hey guys, help me out with my sophomore project!:)I'm doing eating disorders...obviously...have f...
DRUGS (come on, i know u wanna take this : ) 2004-04-19
hey people! thanks for taking this poll, its for a research project im doing on drug abuse. the ...
Science Gone Mad? 2004-04-19
This is a survey looking at current attitude to various scientific issues. Some of these things a...
How do you feel about gangs? 2004-04-18
Hey everyone, this is a poll for my sophmore project, thanks for taking it :).
Alcohol 2004-04-18
SHould alchol be illegal considering all the damage it causes to socity
Child Abuse Poll 2004-04-13
Child abuse is a problem occurring worldwide that includes sexual, physical, mental, and emotiona...
Lung Cancer and Smoking 2004-04-13
Hi! This is survey for my sophomore project at Pioneer highschool. Please take this quiz so I kno...
Pollution...The Deadly Killer? 2004-04-13
Hmm...well its a poll about pollution. Gotta get about 100 results so please take it and give it...
Deforestation and You 2004-04-13
Well, gotta do this for school... and I need at least 100 results, so please do the poll, blablab...
Drug abuse poll 2004-04-10
About POVERTY peoples!!! 2004-04-10
This poll is about the world problem of poverty...... plz vote in it because i want to pass HS
Help me out wid some hwk for skool plz on Water POllution! 2004-04-07
This poll is about water pollution becasue i need to have these polls answered in order to get cr...
soph project poll 2004-04-07
ANSWER MY FRIGGIN POLL!!!!!i need these answers so please be honest, and accurate.
****** ILLEGAL DRUGS ****** 2004-04-07
please take this poll so I can pass high school
Birching of male offenders (POLL FOR MEN) 2004-04-07
<BR>This poll is concerned with men's views on the use of birching as punishment for male o...
Birching of male offenders (POLL FOR WOMEN) 2004-04-07
<BR>This poll is concerned with women's views on the use of birching as punishment for male...
Birching of female offenders (POLL FOR WOMEN) 2004-04-07
<BR>This poll is concerned with women's views on the use of birching as punishment for fema...
World Hunger 2004-04-06
Hey y'all. I am doing a poll for my sophomore project at school. Please take a few minutes and ...
Same-sex Adoptions 2004-04-06
For my Senior Research paper i have decided to do it on Same Sex Adoptions. In my poll I want to ...
2004 Girls Swimsuit Poll 2004-04-06
Its almost summertime, so tell us what you will be wearing this summer!