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Controversy / Morality


Nathalia Edenmont's "Art" 2004-05-22
Nathalia Edenmont is an artist who uses dead animals in her works. and yes, she kills these anima...
tobacco use through out the world 2004-05-21
i'm doing this poll for people to realize to harmful effects of smoking or chewing tobacco.
Soda and Snack Machines in Schools 2004-05-19
I am curious of what you think about schools selling unhealthy food in vending machines for funds...
Racism 2004-05-19
Welcome to my poll
Camera up the skirt? 2004-05-18
Some things like this have been happening in our Catholic high school. A guy follows a girl up t...
Is Michael Jackson Guilty of his child molestation charges? 2004-05-18
Michael Jackson has been accused of molesting children AGAIN. Do you think he did it, and if so,...
Marajuana Should Be Illeagal 2004-05-18
I believe that marajuana is a serious problem in our country. I hope to prove that people feel th...
Abortions 2004-05-12
Nessie the Loch Ness Monster 2004-05-06
Is Nessie the Loch Ness Monster real? Please tell me what you think!
Deforestation 2004-05-06
moral philosophy questions 2004-05-05
Here are questions concerning principles of ethical decision making.
Dealing with Girl Bullies 2004-05-04
this is for anyone who either got picked on, or even was the mean girl
Age for Marriage 2004-05-03
I want to know what you think.
Deforestation 2004-05-03
Hey everyone. This is a poll that I am doing for my project for school. So I appreciate it if y...
murder 101 2004-05-03
poll for school
The Deforestation Calamity 2004-05-03
This is a survey about deforestation for my sophomore project ¿­½ÉÈ÷µé ÇϼÅ.¤»
Child Abuse 2004-05-03
I have to do a school project and I chose the topic child abuse. Please take this poll and tell ...
The TRUTH 2004-04-30
Who believes in the things that are out therre.
War On The World 2004-04-30
In Light Of The Massive screw-Ups The USA has encountered, I'd Like To I Know If The Public Is We...
A.P Soph. Project: Animal Abuse 2004-04-30
How much do you know about animal abuse, and what's your opinion on it? Find out while helping my...
Should mothers stay at home once they have a baby? 2004-04-30
Now there is no problem in our house on this issue. Because there are some really smart mothers h...
Child Support and Abortion 2004-04-28
Since women have the right to have an abortion, should men have the right to chose not to pay chi...
Che Guevara and his image 2004-04-26
Ernesto Che Guevara died over 30 years ago. Shortly after his death hippies started wearing T-sh...
gay adoption? Need this one for a news reporting class! 2004-04-24
I am doing a story about gays adopting children and my professor thought I should take a poll!
If you found a $100 bill 2004-04-24
This is a morality question.