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Controversy / Morality


Why does gay marriage/homosexuality bother you? 2004-07-13
Gay rights is a big issue these days. I am curious what it is that makes people so afraid of homo...
SWINGING 2004-07-10
This poll is for people who are married only. Have you or would you invite other people to share ...
Iraq 2004-07-08
Have you changed your mind about the US involvement in Iraq?
Mixed Race Models North America - United States 2004-07-06
Mixed Race Biracial Multiracial Mulattoes Octoroons Quadroons Other. Models Speak Out. Is There A...
Today 2004-07-02
things tend to go bad for a reason, so why is today's world so messed up?
Lower the age limit for drinking,smoking etc. 2004-07-01
This is a poll of your opinions on if the government should lower the age for smoking,drinking etc.
The Fahrenheit 9/11 Controversy 2004-07-01
Howard Kaloogian of Move America Forward argues that movie theaters shouldn't carry Michael Moore...
Can Terrorists Be Considered POW's? 2004-06-30
Following the events at Abu Ghraib the United States government has admitted to witholding a pris...
Rating System used for school and work 2004-06-29
This is a survey regarding the current way of rating/measuring abilities in school and in work.
Terry Nichols 2004-06-14
Abortion 2004-06-14
I'm a medical student from taiwan and am making a poll on abortion for my final paper, so plz hel...
Disney Management 2004-06-11
This poll is on how you think of the management of the Walt Disney Company and its head executive...
Pepsi or Coke? 2004-06-09
Which is better? And which tastes gross?
American Betrayal 2004-06-04
There is a terrific new novel out there called "American Betrayal" that is being sold o...
Sexism towards men & women 2004-06-04
It's not okay to say sexist things about women, so why should sexist things towards men be tolera...
Truth About Cloning 2004-06-04
This poll is asking how many people would still be for cloning if they new the TRUE process behin...
War in Iraq What's Your View? 2004-05-28
Please tell us~
When will the pope croak 2004-05-24
On May 18 the Pope had his 84th Birthday, but how long can he keep it up? (the survival thing) Wh...
addiction 2004-05-24
hi im cody im a high school student and i have some questions about u and what u think about addi...
tell me what u think is more addictive 2004-05-24
hi im cody im a hight school student and i was wanting to get ur thoughts on this question
Who is NOT ignoring the Geneva Conventions 2004-05-24
US President Bush loves pointing out that, "America is liberating Iraqis from human rights a...
Bush or Kerry 2004-05-24
Who would you like to see in the White House in 2005?
What do you think of Americans? (For Canadians) 2004-05-23
This poll is created to find out what Canadians think of their Southern neighbors.
What do you think of Canadians? (For Americans) 2004-05-23
To find out what Americans think of Canadians.
Prisoner's Rights 2004-05-22
Just wanted to know the variety of different opinions on rights of prisoners.