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Controversy / Morality


12-year-old sex: Who's to blame? 2004-09-08
<p><font size=5>A few months ago, a judge freed an 18-year-old boy charged with havin...
Alien Abductions, Memory, etc. 2004-09-06
Whether or not you believe in Alien Abductions, how would you feel about it happening to you?
Adoption 2004-09-06
Some of your ideas about adoption.
What Do You Think? 2004-09-03
There are too many opinions out there to be narrow-minded and selfish, stating your truth is the ...
Should people be required to speak English? 2004-09-01
The purpose of this poll is to find out people's viewpoints on English as an official language he...
Weed is good or not? Crime Violence and Drugs Related? 2004-09-01
This poll is to be based on the urban neighborhoods or the projects only please
Black names 2004-09-01
Can a Black-Sounding Name Hurt Your Career Prospects?
Ethics poll: What would you do if...? 2004-08-30
What would you do if you found $20 in the street? How about $100? One thousand dollars? Answer t...
How do you want to die? 2004-08-29
There are alot of different ways to die. Basicly how would you like to go down?
The Marriageable Age 2004-08-29
I have often wondered about the public's opinion about the age teenagers and adults may legally m...
My poll is about saving the endangered species because they've lived longer than we have and dese...
Nudist Youth Camps 2004-08-20
Here's some background info: White Tail Park, a nudist/naturist resort in Virginia, had plans fo...
Racism against Whites 2004-08-20
I have come to the conclusion that whites ARE the target of much of the modern racism and I would...
Doing the Right Thing. 2004-08-16
What does it mean toyou to "Do the Right thing"?
Citizen's Arrest for Circumcision? 2004-08-15
<P>In Canada the sexual mutilation of a child is a serious criminal offence. According to ...
What you believe 2004-08-12
In these modern days, we tend to have our own opinions on political, personal and religious issue...
Veteran's Help 2004-08-12
After almost 40 years of fighting the "VA" I have learned and seen a lot of Disabled Ve...
Gays 2004-08-06
I think this whole "homosexual movement" is a smoke screen.
Lifestyle choice VS being made this way 2004-08-03
This poll is to gauge beliefs on homosexuality
Medical Marijuana 2004-07-30
I am doing a paper on Medicinal use of marijuana and wanted to do a poll on users of marijuana if...
Does work get done at your workplace? 2004-07-26
This poll samples workplace styles.
A day for speedos at the beach 2004-07-21
Hi boys, it's awsome how many of you straight guys want to wear their speedos in public. It seems...
Privacy 2004-07-19
This is a poll to figure out what people think about privacy and its importance.
Humanity, rights, morals, religion and evolution 2004-07-19
This is a poll about many things regarding human evolution, society, religion, various rights and...
I, Robot Poll 2004-07-19
Compare your opinion with others in the class about I, Robot!