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Controversy / Morality


Spanked in private. 2014-07-14
Votes are over overwhelmingly in favour of spankings being given in public. This poll is about be...
Kids who are spanked for everything except punishment. 2014-07-14
This is another follow up poll aimed at kids. I want a kids point of view. Assume your parents di...
Youngest person you had sex with 2014-06-30 (closed)
What was the age and who was the youngest person you ever had sex with.
Women who straddle pillions 2014-06-30
Women who straddle pillions
Is Marriage important in modern society? 2014-06-30
is marriage still important in modern society? it use to be men and woman would get married becau...
l got spanked today 2014-06-30
Simple this poll is for those who were spanked within the last 24 hours for discipline only.
Assault or justice? 2014-06-23
<p>14-year-old Michael lives with his mother and his 9-year-old sister Abigail. Last year ...
Do you gamble? 2014-06-09
I am authoring a book to help resolve gambling addiction and would very much like to hear your st...
Ageism 2014-06-09
Stereotyping and discriminating against individuals or groups on the basis of their age.
Do you believe the human race is overpopulated? 2014-06-02
As it stands now, the human race has worldwide population of approximately 7 billion and it is st...
Pediatricians Seeing Patients 18 Years Old and UP and Doing Penis Checks 2014-05-19
Pediatricians will sometimes see patients who are 18 years old or older for physical exams and wi...
ballbusting for girls 2014-05-19
questions about how girls feel about ballbusting.
Naturism 2014-05-19
Have you tried naturism or wondered what people really think about it?
Catholic Boys & Men and Masturbation 2014-04-28
This poll is about what Catholic boys and men know about the church teaching on masturbation and ...
Our life 2014-04-28
Just my poll of Our Life
Prison rape 2014-04-21
This is a issue not often talked about
Smoking 2014-04-21
Repopulating the earth. 2014-04-14
This is an early follow up to my "When would you teach your kids about sex poll?" Many ...
Brutal Discipline 2014-04-07
<p>At one time corporal punishment in schools was normal throughout the world. Questioning...
Do you agree with Focus on the Family's spanking method/recommendations? 2014-03-24
Please Read the following article before voting: http://www.focusonthefamily.com/parenting/effec...
Should I tell my Mom I'm an AB/DL? 2014-03-24 (closed)
I have wanted to wear diapers since awhile and was wondering if I should tell my mother I am an ...
Operation Tuli 2014-03-24
<p>Every pinoy knows that pinoy boys are circumcised. This is usually done some time befor...
Fantasy spankings Spankers perspective. 2014-03-03
This is a spanking poll with you as the spanker. It has no bearing on anything you actually do in...
Would you spank her? 2014-03-03
Say you had a preteen daughter (roughly 9 or 10 years old) She knows that she will be severely sp...
mom's sex secret 2014-02-25
m 24yrs old i have a story about my mom, this was a big secret of my mom and she never knew i saw...