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Controversy / Morality


Death Penalty and Violent Crimes 2009-04-30 (closed)
As many of you may know, I am currently pursuing my Masters degree. I am conducting research for ...
Cloning and Stem Cells Research. 2009-04-28
A Stem Cell is a cell found in the human body, with the ability to grow into any one of the body'...
Should the drinking age be lowered to 18?! 2009-04-28 (closed)
Read the title
Are traditional families are bad for human rights? 2009-04-27 (closed)
Arie Hoekman of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has declared that the breakdown of tra...
Cloning. Ok or not? 2009-04-22
Cloning refers to the making of an exact copy of an object. Like taking a sample of DNA and usin...
Fun Poll/Survey 2009-04-13 (closed)
Fun Poll/Survey
Drugs in America 2009-04-13 (closed)
Variouys questions about drugs...
Sunday school class rules 2009-04-12
I am going to start being a sunday school teacher for ages 2-4. This is a Christian / Baptist chu...
Violence in the media 2009-04-09 (closed)
what do you think of violence in the media
are teachers racist against their students 2009-04-09 (closed)
i think its unfair the way teachers treat the minority students what do yoou think
Should the world switch to alternative energy sources? 2009-04-07 (closed)
Should the world switch to alternative energy sources?
tobacco 2009-04-07
New Name for Notre Dame 2009-04-03
I think we should perhaps take Bishop Doran's idea seriously...
Fire or earth 2009-04-01
When you die what do you want to happen to your body????
What is moral on the "Holodeck" 2009-03-28
The Holodeck was a feature on Star Trek, and was basically a limitless virtual reality environmen...
Fairtrade poll 2009-03-28
I am doing a college project on fairtrade please complete this.
moon for sale 2009-03-28
Sooner or later, well, it's very likely to be sooner, we ARE going to run out of fossile fuels. I...
KILL 2009-03-25 (closed)
This is one of those polls that ask for our inner feelings...
Drink driving 2009-03-13 (closed)
Drink driving
Have you ever used Marijuana? Would you use it if it were legal. 2009-03-11 (closed)
The purpose of this poll is to find out how the legalization of Marijuana would affect the number...
hunting age 2009-03-06 (closed)
should minium hunting age be lowered to 10? yes or no?
Have you been bullied at work? 2009-03-06 (closed)
The Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI) estimates that 54 million U.S. workers have been directly ...
Should pregnant women convicted of crimes be executed? 2009-02-26 (closed)
Should pregnant women convicted of crimes be executed?
Halo Poll 2009-02-23
I'm curious. I want to know how many people would volunteer to be test subjects for a super-soldi...
Email Checks 2009-02-20 (closed)
Email Checks