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Controversy / Morality


Forced feminisation (Men only) 2009-06-05
As a child, as punishment I was made to wear my sisters skirts, knickers, dresses, stockings etc....
Is life unfair for ex prisoners? 2009-06-03 (closed)
I know it's not black or white, but just chose an answer based on a gross generalisation please. ...
How ethical is it for teenagers to undergo cosmetic surgery? 2009-06-01
Take this poll!
Kids barefoot in public 2009-05-31
Do you let your kids go barefoot to these places?
Teenage Boys and Modeling 2009-05-29
I saw a poll on here about teenagers modeling (specifically boys). Since that poll was more from ...
On Polygamy 2009-05-28
A poll asking people their opinions on polygamy.
abortion 2009-05-28 (closed)
The Final Fate of the Earth??? 2009-05-23 (closed)
The Final Fate of the Earth???
Abortion 2009-05-22 (closed)
Adult Stem Cells 2009-05-22
Adult Stem cells are those derived from skin cells, organ cells, blood, umbilical cord blood and ...
Domestic Violence 2009-05-22 (closed)
Domestic Violence
Means of Ends 2009-05-20
Means of Ends
How many under18 still get spanked as punishment 2009-05-16
How many under 18 still get spanked as punishment. PLEASE if you are over 18 do NOT a...
Born in the wrong body 2009-05-14 (closed)
Fill out the questions only to match YOUR GENDER only and the last one. Leave the rest BLANK
Poll about Herbal Medicine 2009-05-14 (closed)
I am interested in how people view the use of plants as medicine, and what their experiences have...
Body Modification 2009-05-14
A poll for government class. Take it and I'll be eternally grateful.
Should nations with poor human rights records be punished? 2009-05-11
Should nations with poor human rights records be punished?
Who should wear Spandex? (Very short) 2009-05-11 (closed)
Is spandex ok to wear where ever you go?
How do you know when someone is lying 2009-05-11 (closed)
What characteristic or body language do you use to tell when someone is lying to you.
Stem Cell Research 2009-05-11 (closed)
Stem Cell Research
criminal law and domestic violence 2009-05-11 (closed)
this is a poll for a legal studies assignment, please answer as truthfully as you can, thanks :)
God Save Us All 2009-05-09
God Save Us All
Marijuana Census 2009-05-07 (closed)
This is a poll that will tell me the amount of marijuana users there are in the world. Please sub...
Views on Abortion 2009-05-01
Views on Abortion
Equality in Sexual Punishment 2009-05-01 (closed)
This is a poll to determine the level of sexual discrimination, inequality and the extent to whic...