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Controversy / Morality


Gay Religion 2009-12-08
I'm curious about what the gay population believes.
Anonymous Rape Against Men Poll 2009-11-29 (closed)
This poll is for males only, it is completely anonymous. If you have never been raped, you can st...
Who's side are you on? 2009-11-20 (closed)
When it comes to humans, Centrient Beings, or zombies, we want to know who you're rooting for.
face shave or leg shave? 2009-11-15
What's grosser, unshaven legs (women) or unshaven faces (men)?
Spoiledness: Tantrum Addiction or Convenient Strategy? 2009-11-10 (closed)
The following poll attempts to unravel what the generalized popular belief is inasmuch as the mos...
Virtues of Sex 2009-11-10
Virtues of Sex
What would you give up..? 2009-11-10
What would you give up..?
Gitmo 2009-11-10 (closed)
View on Guantanamo Bay Military base
Stem cell research 2009-11-10 (closed)
Which forms are you for
Homosexuality: Nature or Nurture 2009-11-07 (closed)
This survey is one-hundred percent confidential and will be only used for personal study. It will...
"Indecent Exposure" Petition 2009-11-04
Should people be allowed to go around naked?
nudity oppinions 2009-11-04
nudity oppinions
circumcision 2009-11-04 (closed)
This is a serious poll about whether you are circumcised or not. Please respond truthfully for mo...
Corporal Punishment in Christain Schools 2009-11-04
This poll is asks about the use of corporal punishment in Christian Schools. Please respond to th...
"The Box" (the movie) Moral Dilemma 2009-11-01
This poll is based on the upcoming movie "The Box". The premise is that you are given ...
Vigilante Justice 2009-10-28 (closed)
What percentage of people would accept vigilante justice in the absence of a functional criminal ...
Battle of the Cake Wars 2009-10-23 (closed)
While the forums remain quiet my private messages are brimming to the top with emails pointing fi...
Social Views 2009-10-23 (closed)
Which group is the most untrusted in America? This poll does not endorse racism, but it is impor...
Who are the real two parents? The bio mom, the lesbian partner or sperm donor? 2009-10-19 (closed)
Two women were together when one gave birth to a baby. The women are not married or domestic part...
Should kids be spanked at 13? 2009-10-17
I'm 13 and I think I'm to old to be smacked Until yesterday I hadn't been smacked since I was ...
Suitable Punishments For Rape 2009-10-11
Rape is a vile and brutal crime. While both genders can, and are victims of rape, it is generally...
Vote for Tony Blair Not to be become the first unelected EU President 2009-10-11 (closed)
Part of the Lisbon treaty, includes the appointment by Council of a President. We the electorat...
Do you agree that Cincinati is the biggest GHETTO and HICK city ever? 2009-10-11 (closed)
Thorny. lol
Ninjas vs. Pirates! 2009-10-08
Who is better?
Gang Rehabilitation 2009-10-08 (closed)
I am doing a research paper on wether or not an ex gang member can influence other gang members o...