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Controversy / Morality


Your Health Care 2010-02-04
Your Health Care
Flight 3079 2010-02-03 (closed)
A teenager strapping Jewish religious ritual prayer boxes to his head and arm caused a scare on a...
Would you die for your national flag? 2010-01-29 (closed)
Would you die for your national flag? To make it a bit more clear, I mean the flag and not wha...
Photo enforcement 2010-01-25
Photo enforcement
Anthropogenic Global Warming 2010-01-18
Anthropogenic Global Warming
Beyond Evolution 2010-01-17
Through minor genetic mutations throughout the story of life, sentience is bred among species. Th...
Abortion 2010-01-17
Have You Experienced Sexism In Your College, Workplace, School? 2010-01-14
I have experienced sexism against males in school, college and the workplace. How widespread is s...
Corporal Punishment in Christian Schools (Part 2) 2010-01-14
This is a poll for persons that have received corporal punishment at a Christian school. This is ...
Bioethics 2010-01-14
This is a poll about various facets of bioethics.
Personal freedom 2010-01-14
This poll saks how much freedom we should have at the cost of others
Are unclothed children more likely to touch themselves 2010-01-14
Some families are less conservative when clothing children. Depending on culture, climate or some...
Women who believe in spanking poll 2010-01-06
This is a poll for women who believe in spanking to see which scenarios would in their opinion ju...
Choices and Fate 2010-01-02
You can choose one or the other in this poll, much like my last one, but this poll will have more...
My New Permanent Dress Code 2010-01-01 (closed)
My mother took me over to my friends one day and saw that he was in a suit. She said he looked ni...
Is this divorce property settlement concept "fair"? 2010-01-01 (closed)
French law provides that the money or property either spouse had prior to marriage reverts back t...
One or the Other 2009-12-26
In this poll you will have the choice between two different options. You will not be able to skip...
legalize marijuana 2009-12-24
legalize marijuana
abortion 2009-12-24
abortion debate
death penalty 2009-12-24
are you in favor of the death penalty?
Should Marijuana be Legalized? 2009-12-21
This is a poll out of total curiosity, I'm sure the majority is going to be no, but if you don't...
1980 - 90s 2009-12-16 (closed)
This poll will be used to gain an insight into the context of Westwood’s work during the time i...
Which things would you do nude if you could? 2009-12-14
The title is self-explanitiry.
Illegal Immigration 2009-12-11
This poll concerns illegal immigration in America, particularly on the Mexican border.
Who's the hypocrite? 2009-12-11
Me and my friend argue about this all the time and I wanted an opinion. I consider myself an athe...