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Controversy / Morality


Dirty talk 2010-04-20 (closed)
We often hear slang terms for human gentials Which terms do you prefer, which do you not like
male disposablity 2010-04-20 (closed)
King David killed 200 males and cut off their foreskins to earn his bride. Some questions on this
*Abortion* 2010-04-19
I know its a never ending issue! but its for school and its only a few questions please take t...
Someone Close to you taking your job 2010-04-09
Question about someone close taking your job.
Motherhood poll 2010-04-05
Questions for men and women about views on acceptable behavior regarding health of children. For ...
Why do some guys hang around the locker room naked? 2010-04-04
Some guys think that all guys should cover themselves as much as possible in the locker room and ...
Why do gyms require men to wear a shirt? 2010-04-04
What is your perception of why many gyms require men to wear shirts when working out.
Genetic engineering/eugenics 2010-03-28 (closed)
I have wondered about this lately and would like to have at least 200 responses.
Race Relations and Dating 2010-03-28 (closed)
I would like to conduct a survey on the perception of race among people all over the world.
Gay Marriage Opinion - Specific Opinions Please 2010-03-28
Do you support same sex couples being allowed to marry and to have full protection under the law?...
Treatment for Rapists 2010-03-27 (closed)
The state that I live in, Michigan, is preparing to release several thousand inmates due to budge...
Decide whether these people should go to jail 2010-03-27
Decide whether a person should receive a short jail sentence, a longer jail sentence or a fine fo...
Harrasement at work places 2010-03-27
"As for those, who like that indecency should spread among the Believers, they deserve a pai...
15 year old guy going out with 13 year old girl 2010-03-27
I am going out with a girl almost to years youger is that ok
WHAT WOULD YOU DO??!! 2010-03-24
This poll is self-explanatory, just random questions of random things that could happen, and you ...
Airport Security and Kids3 2010-03-16
As a sequel to Airport Security and Kids (http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/356908), Airport Securi...
Punishments 2010-03-11
In this poll, you will be given a list of scenarios of people breaking rules and receiving punish...
Do you support gay marriage? 2010-02-23
This poll is for an English paper. I need to know yes or no if you support or if you feel indiffe...
Swearing 2010-02-21
what do you think about swearing
People who used to have corporal punishment in school. 2010-02-20
There are many kinds of corporal punishment used in school. It is up to country, religous, cultur...
Who is the greates philosopher 2010-02-16
What philosopher has been most profound in history?
Personal Protection Item Poll #2 2010-02-15 (closed)
This survey is intended to determine what area's of personal protection the community is seeking.
What do you think about women wearing really short skirts 2010-02-10
This poll is about what you think about women who wear really short skirts or dresses. I am mysel...
Long Term Friends Question 2010-02-04
If you had a long time friend who became friends with your ex only when the two of you started da...