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Controversy / Morality


do you believe in evolution, creation, or intelligent design? 2010-08-21
i am taking a survey to know more about how many people really believe in evolution, creation, or...
Parents of Child Models 2010-08-21
The use of child models under 18 in advertising and model sites is widespread. In this poll, I am...
Human cloning 2010-08-21
What are your opinions on human cloning and other aspects of genetics? Should science continue do...
Views on homosexuality 2010-08-20
What are your views on homosexuality and on whether society should accept or reject it?
Name Calling and Labels (How it makes you feel) 2010-08-07
Name Calling and Labels (How it makes you feel)
Tough moral decision 2010-08-07
What would you do? Assume you are on holiday in the remote country of Farwaystan. Farwaystan is ...
Drugs, reasons for using them. 2010-08-04
Prescription, OTC, Marijuana, Cocaine
Abortion 2010-07-31 (closed)
equal nudity 2010-07-28 (closed)
i read a poll that said girls should always be dressed while boys should be nude no matter how em...
Mormon Sexuality 2010-07-26 (closed)
Mormon Sexuality
Young women - Older men 2010-07-18
Parents views on dealing with teenage masturbation? 2010-07-12 (closed)
I would like to gauge how parents deal, or would deal, with masturbation in their teens and if an...
do you support gay-lesbian rights? 2010-07-10
im not gay but i support it god wants people to be happy in life.
Whom do you trust the most? 2010-07-08
Whom do you trust the most?
Male Only Survey 2010-07-08
This is for males only, please.
Magic Mushrooms 2010-07-05
Do you think Magic Mushrooms Should be legal? And Do you think They would benefit our society?
Cnu pinaka MaGANda ?? 2010-07-05
Guns 2010-07-05 (closed)
The Second Amendment is about citizens right to bear arms (guns).
How to treat retards 2010-07-04
How do you think retards should be treated?
American Morality Survey 2010-06-20
Radical homosexuals claim YOU support same-sex marriage, special job rights and promotion of homo...
Why don't people get this? 2010-06-16
I have seen many polls on this site that women can't rape. Here I will post several theories, alo...
How do you feel about the Nazis? 2010-06-16
How do you feel about the Nazis?
Your Wife Returns from Deployment Overseas Pregnant 2010-06-15
Your Wife Returns from Deployment Overseas Pregnant
Topless Equality for Women 2010-06-07
Just seeking opinions on women's rights (and the lack thereof) in regards to their breasts in Ame...
Stem Cells 2010-06-01 (closed)
Stem Cells