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Controversy / Morality


You’re Standing on Ethics, Religion, and Science 2010-10-26 (closed)
This Survey is designed to see how religion and science shape your moral and political views.
Should protagonists from teen's entertainment be role models? 2010-10-17
Just want to see if there are people who want to "protect" teenagers.
I am now to be spanked by my parents 2010-10-16 (closed)
alright so i am 14 and recently my parents have decided to spank me for everything basically mayb...
Did you have a bedtime as a teenager 2010-10-16
In the house I grew up in all the girls including Mom had a bed time. We had to go bed the same t...
Wives with Bed Times 2010-10-16
I have to be a bed before 10PM every night though I sometimes get permission to stay up later for...
Obesity Health - Obesity Help 2010-10-16 (closed)
Obesity is growing at a pace. Something different and drastic needs to be actioned to fight obesi...
Which parent should work? 2010-10-16 (closed)
Here is the basic story. We have a toddler and an infant We both go to school full-time. One of u...
When donating to charity, how much do you or your family donate? 2010-10-15 (closed)
When donating to charity, how much do you or your family donate?
How often do you or your family donate to charity? 2010-10-15 (closed)
Research for my Citizenship GCSE
Applying for jobs in retail and restaurants. 2010-10-09
This survey is for people who have applied for jobs in retail and the restaurant business. I wan...
Corporal Punishment in High School 2010-10-07
Your views on school punishments
Science and Politics 2010-10-04 (closed)
Sometimes people get science and politics mixed up. What are your thoughts?
current issues 2010-09-29 (closed)
we gonna need your opinion about this issue
fan's poll 2010-09-29 (closed)
its about to know your poll
nudity for teenage boys 2010-09-27
This is a poll abouit nudity at home. It is aimed at teenage boys, but anyone can leave a message
What are you allowed to do? 2010-09-27
What are you allowed to do?
Is this an inappropriate e-mail? 2010-09-24 (closed)
John Smith started the day early having set his alarm clock (MADE IN JAPAN ) for 6 a.m. While h...
Abortion 2010-09-23 (closed)
This is a school project for my AP Government class please help by answering.
Looking around the net I realized a lot of people loves humiliation and embarassement either on t...
Racism against whites? 2010-09-14
Has anyone noticed that in countries like Britain and America, there seems to be a lot of racial ...
Women who witness or who bring thier sons/boys into the women's locker room 2010-09-12
This poll is for women whow either bring thier son/boy into the women's locker room. Or for wome...
Do you believe that most vegans are pussies? 2010-08-25
What is your perception of vegans or vegetarians. Is being a vegan the natural choice for a puss...
MIND@BIOLOGY 2010-08-25
Do vegetarians eat animal crackers? 2010-08-25 (closed)
Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?
What Do American Whites Think Of Interracial Marriage? 2010-08-23
** WHAT DO AMERICAN WHITES THINK OF INTERRACIAL MARRIAGE? ** Please only take this poll if you ar...